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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Working on DunMap

Nothing to show yet on the map loading version of DunGen, but I have a name for it. Figured out so far how to draw into the canvas of the network, but that ends up on top and gets blown away instantly, so I figure I have to underlay a second canvas with the image, using Z-index, and find out how to make the background of the network graph transparent. Found the controls to turn off zoom and drag of the network, so the nodes should stay where they are put over the image.

So things are being a bit more difficult than I imagined, but I'm moving forward again. If this doesn't work out this way, I've been looking at the API and examples for leaflet.js, that does Google maps style tiled and zooming maps with markers. But those get to be big collections of preprocessed tiles at different zoom levels, so I'd need to use it in the load one image without zoom fashion, since I want to be able to load images from all over, and lay markers over them.

Postscript: I set the background color of the body tag to see if the graph canvas is transparent already. It is! Also, in trying the image load yesterday I noticed that Dyson's image URLs end in some GET arguments:   ? width = x height =y  I tried dropping the height and changing the width and it still got the image with it's scaling set by the width. I guess either Wordpress or a plugin to it has a feature to rescale images based on those arguments. That could be quite useful.

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