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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Barbarians of Genebackis

This morning I woke early (been doing too much of that lately) and mulled over the idea of running a campaign using Barbarians of Lemuria set in the Erikson and Esslemont's Malazan world. It's a lighter set of mechanics than GURPS that they originally used, better suited to the amount of time and energy that I could invest in campaign creation. The magic system would have to be morphed to fit the world, or replaced. The boons, and flaws would have to be adapted, and a suitable set of regional backgrounds worked up, but the fit would be pretty good. The rate of character advancement would not care about the Conanesque treasure wastage at the end of a session, and be more about "How deep did the character have to dig to survive?". If I actually go with it, I'll post more here.