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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Barrowmaze run 11

Brother Rodger
Glant Broadwit
Kevlar Windbreaker
George Grayfield
Walt (Bross) was with us briefly at the beginning.

Macabros catching up, after some discussion as to how.

3 ingredients destinations on Mylin's map.

We restock on rations.

Darkmoon Wood is thick in places.

1/2 day travelling through undergrowth. Giant snakes live near the lake.

Clearing up ahead, whimpering, furry animal caught in a trap near the water.
What does the fox say? Laughter and groans all round.

As Br. Rodger releases the fox, two ravens attack and are shot down, backed up by a hobgoblin shooting
a longbow. Macabros drops him from the tree with a sleep spell and we shoot him down as some charge in.
Br Rodger uses a Cure Light Wounds on the fox and gains it as a follower.

We find a rabbit in another trap. Hike until dusk, camp the night. Next day we get to the river N of the Droskmere,
cross at a ford, with Glant and Deela needing help for the depth. In the Forest Elder, we come to the huge ancient tree in a clearing.

A greenish snake tailed reptilian humanoid jumps down out of the tree and ambushes us.
It leaped on the fox.

Those in the clearing melee it, the ones behind with missiles shoot.

Grayfield hit by an arrow from Kevlar but it bounced from his armor.

Glant nearly hit by  sling shot.

Eventually we win the fight, and the creature never managed to bite us. Good thing, as
its teeth ooze poison.

George Grayfield climbs up into the tree with his magical gloves of climbing, and finds
three bodies. Crossbows, shortswords, ring with a flaming hawk, nice black shortbow, backpack.

8 days of iron rations, 9 GP, 12 SP, 2 blankets

Br Rodger detects magic, the bow is magical.

Off to the witch Ulizmila's cottage in the woods. Trees twist away from the ugly cottage.
It's in direpair.

A dozen small thatched fetishes stand propped in the yard.

Deela leads the way in, prods the first fetish with a short sword, but nothing
happens. Gingerly passing it and watching out, we pass the rest and go up to the door.

Kevlar grabs the door and pulls it open. It falls off.
The cottage is dank, reeking, lots of things hanging from the ceiling, etc.
Lots of witchy stuff inside and a big cauldron.

As the adventurers inside search, Deela gets attacked by the cauldron, that comes to life.

Glant rushes in to help and is promptly swallowed by the cauldron, and digested for a round. But Kevlar finishes it off
and the party hauls Glant out before he suffocates.

something? worth 30 GP
Rat's Tail herb
spell ingredient for Find Familiar - 1/2

Necklace of three shrunken heads

Detect magic the next morning reveals that one of the shrunken heads is magic and Kevlar takes it. The eyes open and stare at him.
He plays with it extensively and names it Wilson.
After sleeping the night at the cottage, we move on to Drokars Crucible, and it looks like a ruined monastery, two weathered dwarf statues, with defaced inscriptions. Two ways in, broken, open gateway into courtyard and a breach in the side.
A crow lands on top and Kevlar and George shoot it.

Giant spider drops on us inside the tower as George pokes at the webbing on crates and barrels with a ten foot pole.
George wallops it and Glant finishes it off with a powerful longsword thrust. But it takes awhile to die and follows us out.

We find an excellent oil rag wrapped shortsword in one of the crates. George takes it, thinking it likely magical.

Climbing up, there is a trap door. Dusty room with cobwebs all around, but empty.

 ...  and I missed most of the last hour...

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