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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Catching back up

I've been in non-blogging mode for a couple months now. Some notes on what's going on with me, in another attempt to reboot.

My D&D 5e plan to build around module B10 took a big hit when the module and the maps I was drawing for the big first level disappeared. Not sure, but I think the cleaners my wife hired mistook the bag they were in for trash and dumped it. At least the big two page dungeon level map was scanned in first, but the stocking note and some other maps are gone. I can get a PDF of the module, but it isn't quite the same. Sigh.

I have another plan to build a 5e campaign in a campaign world I started for 3e and reused for a bit of 4e. Can't find all the notes, but I'll be reusing the concept and probably start in a different time period. A general outline of the situation: The ancient sorcerous empire fell apart in an apocalyptic demon incursion brought on by too many dabblers in thing man was not meant to know going too far, with the main remaining bastion of civilization being some island colonies. The ruined cities, forts, and towers of the main continent are occupied by various demonic, half demonic, and monstrous factions, with some tribal remnants of the former civilization wandering around in the wilderness that the former empire has become. It is about five hundred years later and the more puritanical islanders that resisted and retreated from the evils and kept civilization going have now grown in both numbers and confidence and are facing a resource crunch with their growing populations so they are readying efforts to take back at least part of the continent. The PCs will be part of the force that lands on the mainland to reconquer their ancestral homeland. It will be a sandbox wilderness for them to explore and discover the fate of legendary places, recruit or subdue the tribal remnants, and lots of monsters wandering about and ancient evils and horrific dangers lurking in the ruins. They'll have just a settlement or two on the coast as the initial home base, which will be under constant threat. Political machinations back home and from rival island factions will also make life interesting for the invaders.

I ran a game of D&D 5e with extensive Dwarven Forge and homebrew scenic trimmings and the scenic GM screen in the open gaming room Friday at Dundracon. Had a great time of it, but got pretty worn out and ended up resting Saturday, and playing mostly light boardgames Sunday. Need to upload some of the phone pics to make a proper post about it.

I'm still playing a lot of War Thunder. Getting into a lot of Realistic Battle action and starting to play at the Simulation Battle level, instead of just Arcade all the time. Here's a picture of an interesting graphical glitch that cropped up this week. My F2H-2 went all Wonder Woman on me.

Got the final PDF from the Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition Kickstarter and intend to run some of it soon, maybe online.

The Bones II Kickstarter came in and I have started painting a bit of its addition to my mountain of unpainted metal and plastic. Very cool stuff.

I've had a card game "The Fires of Midway" from Clash of Arms, for awhile now, with a couple of abortive stabs at learning the rules. This morning I finally took the time to lay it out at the cafe and start to learn it. Played the Coral Sea scenario solitaire up to the Zuikaku making a first devastating air strike against the Lexington and Yorktown.

Things started well for the U.S. with the Lex's CAP Wildcats shooting down the lead Zeros.  The Vals behind won their dogfight with the Yorktown's CAP and made it in to attack undamaged and the other squadron of Vals got in unopposed against the Lexington. Both carriers lost their AA defense fights. The Lexington got mauled by a very lucky Val dive bombing attack, with bulkheads bursting, flooding, and a couple of inferno level fires going, and would likely have sunk had I played further. The Yorktown fared better, and had lesser fires going, but it looked bad for the U.S. at that point, so I stopped monopolizing one end of the big table at that point and packed it in. So far I like it and look forward to playing with an opponent.