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New maps

I'd love to hear about it if anybody uses any of these in adventures.

Tile of Doom, now with more Evoca-bits.

Cave-in Coming

Rough hewn tunnels

A Tunnels Level

Mesa Cavern

Includes maps of a couple of levels of Herstmonceux Castle in England.

RedRawn Goblin Caves

Not quite a geomorph

Temple of the Dead God of Fortune

Heart of the Spider

Cave Hatches and Stipples  as many as I could come up with to compare.

Brant's Bolthole  a  small dungeon with a backdoor cave tunnel

Skrad first level of a dungeon level with an OSR adventure keyed out for it. No deeper levels for it yet...

The Nameless Dungeon Enter through a cave, stairs to a deeper level near the back. No key, but some evocative fiddly bits. 

Caverns of the Western Reaches  An all out experiment in drawing interesting caves.

Dunport  A village and environs

Rune map an experiment in a style for doing handouts with some simple runes for players to decode.

Crystalmek An experiment in playing with jagged lines inspired by the maps of Kevin Campbell.

I spent one day learning part of the Krita graphics app making maps. No label links, so click on these to go to the full size pages.

 dungeon level

The Ouroburrows  Why dig a dungeon when you can just move in where the purple worm used to live?
I might want to redraw or replace the too-quickly drawn slope arrows, but I still like this one.

A City in Ruin  well part of one anyway, intended for a 4th ed game I was running at work at lunchtime. Didn't get used in the event.

A Little Dungeon  I guess I started really paying attention to the G+ mapping community in September-October 2013. This little homage to Dyson, the Ouro Burrows, and the city section are what kicked me back into gear at drawing maps.

Old maps from the 70s through the 90s

70s maps are mainly for the OD&D nostalgia, some of the later ones I'll be posting are decent...

A rough one page caves dungeon - quick dungeon sketch circa 2000 and the RedRawn Goblin Caves - same map made pretty, except for the key text around the edges, which is functional.

Campaign planning map for 3rd edition - it was sketchy, but very functional. Maps don't have to be pretty to run a campaign. Circa 2000.

The Catacombs of Zharn  A dungeon from my 1975-78 campaign, with key. With blobs in colored pencil!

Castle Cairnin and scanned hand drawn key - a high end dungeon from the 70s Astoria campaign

Futhark rune handout treasure maps from the 70s, some on distressed paper bag for 'versimilitude'.
Yeah, this one has holes burned in the edge for maximum trope.

The Lost City of Karth a big, gaudy, colored pencil over pencil city map, probably the most ambitious map I drew.

Riverbow Region hexcrawl map - marker pens and colored pencil. Several runs were spent with PCs mapping a portion of this towards organizing a fief here.

Campaign Map 25 miles to the hex, second draft circa '77-'78 with inked lines was laminated to protect it, so it lasted pretty well. The original with pencilled lines is in tatters. Nothing glitches my OCD tendencies like the mistake I made in making room for the Markheneb-Ratien label on this one and then laminated over, about 35 years ago.

Borontin detailed breakout map of an island in the corner of my campaign map, that I was thinking to do some political level campaigning on. It had overlays with political boundaries at one time, and there's a partial write up of the rival baronies in one of my notebooks. I think the lettering was an experiment with Letraset transfer letters. This was when I started getting into fine pen hachure hills.

Dungeon Maps several graph paper and pencil dungeons and one multilevel plain paper experiment map with levels defined by the pencil color used. Readable only by squinting, but the vertical connections were easy to trace.

More old maps a few more  unposted maps that I found in my blog's graphics cache when I was linking up the other old ones above, so I just posted them. Probably because they were upside down and sideways.


  1. Some really nice work Ed. I especially like your B&W dungeons.

    1. Thanks. It's been a lot of fun getting back into drawing maps again.