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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A rough one page caves dungeon

 A cave dungeon I ran as part of that 3rd ed campaign. Point 13 on the campaign map. Entry at the south, extensible to deeper in the north. Must have been winging it or using tables for loot and probably using "by figure" weapons and 3rd ed random pack plastic figure cards for stats where it mattered. I did that alot, used some net printouts, and fudged some out from rulebooks. Hated doing serious 3rd ed stat blocks myself. 

Notation at the bottom show where denizens go if alerted by noise, probably of combat, in the first few rooms.

This one might be worth redrawing to look good and rekeying for readability. Maybe even add some boss loot.

.... and I did redraw it the next night after posting this, see two posts later.

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