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Friday, February 14, 2014

Spells of the Blue Book

Before I go into the spells themselves, I need to note that by the time I was writing these, circa '77, I was using my personal alternate magic system. Possibly more details later, but the core ideas were that Piety and Psychic Power were additional stats that provided spell points for Clerics and MUs respectively. Spells had to be rolled for when memorized with varying costs, based on 1D6 per level for average value spells. With good stats and good luck, they'd have a bit more casting power than a standard book caster. Spell points held in reserve could be used to cast unmemorized spells at double cost.

I am sticking pretty close to the original wording but substituting in more conventional later die roll terminology like 1D6 instead of 1 to 6 or 1-6 and correcting some grammar.

These were not generally available. They turned up on scrolls or in spell books.

1st Level

MU - Mage Flame, MU 1
With this spell the magic user calls upon a fire sprite which will do his bidding. It is six inches tall and resembles a small fire. It moves 6" per turn or may be hurled by the magic user up to 12". It takes 1 die of damage and can be attacked by magic weapons, dowsing with water (1D6 damage) or smothering (1D3). It is A.C. 4.
The magic user must concentrate on it to control it and has a control range equal to his Psi -1D6 inches. If the mage's concentration is broken or the range exceeded, it will become a free agent, doing mischief to all around. It can ignite ready combustibles such as paper or oil instantly and harder items such as doors and spear shafts in 1D6 turns. It attacks for 1D4 points of burn damage. Duration Conjuror's Psi, minus 1D6 turns.

Hallucinatory Sight, Illusionist 1
The person affected by this spell sees things falsely. IF an orc charges him he may see it as a gtroll, or vice versa. He attacks and defends at -2 and hsi aim with missiles will be exceptionally poor with a -4 and magical ones such as fireballs and lightning bolts will be off target by 1D6 inches. Spells read from scrolls will change and doors and walls will appear distorted and moved. Range 9" Duration 2D6 turns.

Second Level

Disenchantment I, MU 2
This spell disenchants weak magic items such as potions, +1 arrows and unread 1st to 3rd level scroll spells. It renders them nonmagical until a Remove Curse or Dispel Magic is applied with a 75% chance of working. If the counterspell fails it is permanent. 6" range.

Mind Speak, MU 2
Mind Speak will form a link between the caster and another person which allows two way communication between them. Duration 3D6 turns. Range: Underworld 36", Wilderness 1 mile.

Call of the Forest, Druid 2
When sounded this ululating call will summon forest creatures to aid the caller (who must be in the forest). They will aid him if it doesn't mean exceptional danger to themselves. It will also turn away non-enraged attacking beasts 2/3 of the time.
Type and number affected:
1,2 mammal
3,4 avian
5 reptilian or insectoid
6 humanoid

1,2  2D6 small
3,4  1D4+1 medium sized
5,6 1 large

Aid will appear in 1D6 turns and stay as long as necessary.

Third Level

Jharunel's First Spell, The Withering Blight, MU 3
This spell was the first developed by the sorcerer prince of Kharoon, Jharunel. It inflicts a rotting atrophy of the muscles and sinews of the victims which number 1 to 4. This atrophy will reduce their strength by the number of spell points divided by their level (assume 3D6 spell points for this calculation in normal D&D). If reduced below 3 Strength they will be incapacitated and if -1 or lower, killed. Remove Curse will halt it and Cure Disease will remove the effects.This spell takes three turns to act doing 1/3 of its damage each time. Range 6". Save versus magic negates.

Saint Eulor's Lethargic Hammer, C 3
Lost when the prayer books of Saint Eulor were stolen by the green dragon Haregh, this spell was orginally given to Eulor by the Lord of Light Celephirion. Celephirion is among the kindliest of the Gods and disliked the idea of permanently harming opponents so he devised this spell. When cast it draws forth the life force of the subjects and encapsualtes them in small silvery mallets which become the possession of the caster. It will affect 1D6 of 1st to 3rd level, 1D3 4th to 7th, or 1 of 8th to 12th, The bodies will become encased in a shell of force which will make them imperivous to all attack, magical or physical. Upon the death of the caster or his release of the mallets, their life force will reanimate and cause a Geas to be cast upon any finder to return them to the rightful owners. Their bodies, meanwhile will remain immobilized and catatonic until their souls are returned. Range 3".

Will of Iron, C 3
The receiver of this benison will have his Will increase by 2D6 points. Duration 1 day. Range 1" (Will was another  additional statistic in this campaign).

Illusionary Disenchantment, Illusionist 3
Usable against intelligent magic swords and similar magic items, this spell convinces them they are no longer magic. It takes the Illusionist an entire turn to convince the item. The item will get an NPC reaction check. IF favorable, it becomes non-magical. The Illusionist may add one to it's die roll for each level his is above 6th. Range 6" Duration: Until dispelled. Check reaction for the dispel also.

Well, that's about half of them and I have to log off for now. I hope you find some of them amusing.

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