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Monday, February 3, 2014

Axe of Renewal

It's been ages since I tried seriously to draw something representational instead of a doodle or something schematic like a dungeon map. This axe missed the target but I like it.

Stats? It's a one hander. If it's a magic item, it should be a simple +1 or something equivalent. Given the name my wife came up with for it, perhaps any tree cut down by it grows back at 10x speed, and other wood chopped by it puts out shoots and roots and tries to start growing again. That would be an elvish or druidical enchantment in most game worlds. Given it's plain style, not elvish make.


  1. Dammit! Considering all the excuses you made, I expected the axe to be poorly drawn! What gives?

    1. I know what it ought to look like and I'm more of a perfectionist than I can pull off?

    2. Yeah, I understand that. I'm never quite satisfied with anything I draw. C'est la vie!

    3. But you are right, so I've edited down the angsty self-assessment.