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Monday, February 10, 2014

Astoria Campaign - Playable poisons circa 1977

I wanted some variety in my poisons and to have some be less harsh than death on a failed save. Still mostly a pretty brutal bunch of poisons now that I read over them.

With the bloat of scanned files, this one I'll type in instead:

Giant Snake Venom
Save -2
If save is successful, 1/2 hits lost. Con -2
If save is failed, death in 1-4 combat rounds

Giant Spider Venom
Save normal
If successful, 1/2 hits lost.
If failed, 1/2 hits lost and paralysis in 1-3 rounds, lasts 1-6 days, then save again, if failed - death, if successful - recuperate in 1-4 days

Giant Scorpion Venom
Save -3
If save is successful, -2 dice constitution, heals as hits 1/day, if reduced to zero, death.
If failed, paralysis, roll second saving throw, if failed death
Acts in 1-2 rounds, paralysis lasts 2-12 hours

Wyvern Poison
Save normal
If successful-1/3 hits
If failed, death

Stingray Poison
Save normal,
If successful, 1-6 hits damage
If failed,  paralysis for 2-12 turns and 2-12 hits damage
acts in 1 round

Small Spiders
Save +1
If successful, -1 hit where bitten
If failed, Illness, -2 from STR, DEX, & CON, (heal as hits), Move 1/2, -2 impetus*, 1-6 hits damage.
Acts in 3 rounds

Purple Worms
Save -2
If successful, -1/2 hits and move 1/2, -2 impetus* (if reduced to zero or less, no action that round)
If failed, Death and -30% chance to resurrection.
Acts in 1 round

Black Lotus
No save if contacted, contact save 15 + DEX bonus
Effect - Hallucinations, incapacitated 2-12 hours, 30% - Intelligence chance of insanity. Remove curse 30% effective, Wish 80%

Yellow Lotus Dust
Wind carried, can backfire, save -3
If successful, coughing fit for 2-12 rounds and 2/3 hits lost.
If failed, death instantly.

Cube Jelly
Save vs Wand/Paralysis
If successful, no effect
If failed, paralyzed 1-6 hours
Acts immediately

Spines, Darts, Gases from Traps -variable
Normal effect:
Save normal
If failed, death
If saved, -1/2 hits
Acts in 1-6 rounds.

*Impetus refers to a 1D6 roll for initiative, usually rolled by each PC, modified by DEX bonus, and usually rolled collectively by monsters.


  1. Good stuff. I was pondering on poison effects myself today as it happens. They're pretty one dimensional in most games. These are some nice variations.

  2. Love the Black Lotus. Hallucinations are always a great effect!