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Finding my way back to old D&D posts.

Recent stuff

Rules from my Pacificon OD&D game actually trying to make Chainmail work as the combat system and other house rules.

Skrad, a dungeon dungeon write up for a small pen and ink map

Elven Blades A dungeon scene with a repurposed magic item

The Gold Horror

- Monsters and Treasure

Stuff from the 80s

House rules from my late 80s OD&D nostalgia game

A Balrog PC class

Stuff from the 70s

Astoria Campaign - Werewolf PC class

Lammasu PC class very cursory, written in response to a reincarnation or polymorph

Spells of the Blue Book Low level homebrew spells.

Astoria Campaign - Playable Poisons circa 1977

Castle Cairnin dungeon map and write up - scanned in, not transcribed

The Catacombs of Zharn scanned map, transcribed dungeon key

OD&D Jousting Table

Sprites as a PC race

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