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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Ghaix, Haunt of Darkness

 I finally after all these years ran a session based on the results of a DunGen generated dungeon. I think I maybe did once before, but mostly generated and tweaked and set aside other.

Martin was out of action making my usual Shinobi of Nippon game awkward since we probably were going into a climax scene. I've had my kickstarted copy of Knave 2nd Edition for a couple weeks and wanted to give it a try and this made it the perfect one shot that maybe becomes a campaign situation. So I needed something quick to run. Seemed like a perfect fit for DunGen, so I went with it. It was a strange little adventure. Given what was rolled up, after I'd massaged the map a bit and adjusted room contents for about an hour as I tried to give it some cohesion and meaning, one of my first ideas for it was to do the old creepy house inheritance trope, and given that Stu's character Sif rolled up included one with Lawyer as one of his two careers and Barry rolled the 6 to make him the inheritor,  Sif was the lawyer delivering the will & deed, and Barry's character Peregrine Sallowfort was the nephew of Weird Old Uncle Hugo.

It made for an entertainingly weird session, and surprisingly nonviolent, given the character actions such as Peregrine charming the Giant Rat met in the wine cellar with his randomly generated Animal Friendship spell and the reaction checks by the encountered Cavemen and Ape-men Wizards. 

One of the interesting things was interpreting the point crawl into a map in Owlbear Rodeo as we went. Had there been more prep time I'd have either drawn and scanned it or knocked it out in Dungeon Scrawl. We explored the house, with what contents remained rolled on tables in Knave, and below it, four of the original eleven nodes, and one I added during the game to put contents into the folly behind the main house. 

Anyway, Knave seems like a good classless take on the OSR. We'll probably carry this game forward and I'm going to return to it.

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