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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diced Dungeon Map WIP

I did a post a while back, Dicing past dungeon designer's block, that described a process I used to generate a larger dungeon map by random generation of area characteristics. The map got some serious additional work in the last few days. It is still a work in progress, but here is an initial scan showing how its working out. It's clipped a bit and fuzzy near some edges because the paper dimensions are bigger than our home scanner/printer. Will have to do something else for the final version, but I wanted to show how its coming along so far..

Barrowmaze run 10 - Rel Draxa and the disease in Falcon's Hollow

Run 10

Deela (Keith)
Glant (Ed)
George Grayfield (Cliff)
Brother Rodger (Eric H.)
Bross (Walt not here yet)
Kevlar (Jose)
Bought rations, tried to buy or rent horses or a wagon, and headed north from Helix up the road for the city to try to get healing for our
wounded comrades.

High Seafather Rael Drocsa - cleric recommended by leader of road guards
Temple of Mananu

Travelling in the plains, mtns ahead.

Old man and a boy in a cart pass by.

Meet a foot patrol.

Nightfall, stop and camp.

Merchant caravan passes rudely, doesn't stop.

Pass a village, maybe a mile off the main road.

Camp again for the night in the woods, without incident.

Going through a hilly and wooded area, not a large forest.

Left the road to skirt around woods and stay in the plains where the visibility is long.

3pm ish, enocunter with 6 reddish scaley bulls. Kevlar sees them at a distance and we sit and wait.

Sign right to Rel Draxa, left to Dagger Rock, Y in th road.

Far to the left, the sea, rocky outcroppings in high hills.

Another uneventful night camping.

Day 4 begins, almost there.

Black cloud in the air, Elf sees it as vultures and black crows.

18 fire beetle glowing organs harvested from site of batttle between dead fire beetles and wolves.

putting them in bag of holding

Approach Rel Draxa city. It's big on an inlet of the bay.

Rolled snake eyes, don't know anything about the city.

Deela seems to know the most.

Spires from the ancient elvish Kingdom
Lighthouse, Temple, prominent buildings from the Elves.

Met some guards, got a five day pass but not for the old city district.

Centaur and Cauchemar Inn

250,000 pop

Brother Rodger gives alms in the name of Mithras and chats with a fellow cleric.

Temple Cudgel Inn

pay 15 SP for two nights in the Inn.

Dwarven nightlife around the forges to the north.

Sleep the night at the inn. Next morning go to the Temple of Mananu for healing.

Cure disease cost 3000 GP! Gulp.

We are assigned a mission of healing aid to the village of Falcon's Hollow to the East in exchange for the healing.
Beautiful priestess (Sister Tamorsan) gives us 4 Cure Disease scrolls to use in Falcon's Hollow.

Up past the halfling Shireland. We sign the papers.

Shopped for magic swords. There's a +1 sword available for 2000 GP, more than I can afford.

Bross pays 100 GP to have the black chainmail identified that he took off the skeleton in the pit.

Kevlar tries to get a deal on trading away a scroll of protection from magic for a claok of elvenkind.
He makes the deal by adding in some magic arrows.

There is a fierce spell of gusty winds early in the day.

Encountered a pack of dogs on the road.
Killed four and Br Rodger lured others away with food.

Uneventful night.

Next day dawns, we're a day out frof Falcon's Hollow.

Weather starts to turn towards rain.

We come to a ferry at the edge of Falcon's Hollow.

Arriving in tgwon, we talk to the healer and hear of Laurel the herbalist and people worried she has been poisoning them,
but it seems unlikely. We use one of the three scrolls on the magistrate.

Laurel explains the illness afflicting the town is fungal and has a recipe from her grandmother made with
three herbs that might help. The oldest tree in the forest has one part, and we might find help in finding it at the nearby lumbermen's camp. One is a dwarf delicacy, Ironbloom.
Rat's tail. - witch Ola Zamila (sp?) might know where it can be found.

Go to the lumber camp, looking for Mylin who might know the first herb's location.

Mylin gives us a map and the info we need to find things and we give him one of the last two

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MEST narrative skirmish

If you are into skirmish miniatures wargaming and haven't checked out the Noble Pursuits blog, do it. Now. Lots of pretty pictures and an interesting and very well presented multi-genre rules set.

Point buy + 1D6 Character Creation

Here's a system I used in the 40 Cities homebrew back around '83 and a couple times later in D&D to split the difference between point buy minimaxing and random rolling. It lets you weight in favor of the stats that are important to you, without getting assurance they will excel.

For a classic six attribute 3-18 bell curve PC, assign 42 (or 45 or 48, up to maybe 50  if you are a generous GM aiming for more heroic-scaled PCs) at between 2 and 12 points in each attribute. So you are basically point buying the first two dice of each attribute. Then roll 1D6 for each attribute, in order, no swapping or rerolls, and add it to the assigned value.

I rather like where this falls on the build vs luck spectrum. I don't remember seeing it in any published games, but somebody has probably done it at some point.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Barrowmaze runs 8 & 9 running game log

Billy Compton's Barrowmaze campaign marches on.

SPOILER ALERT - Do not read if you'll be a player in Barrowmaze, unless you're in Billy's game where this is party knowledge.

This text is rough, it is my notes written in game while also mapping in run 9. As a simple log, it is mostly of interest to those who were there.

Barrowmaze run 8 The Iron Gauntlet revealed

Molvay is fed up with us and me, leaves and is spreading rumors around town about us. Not enough loot in that run.

Tomb robbers doing barrows to the north - about 30 led by a guy in plate

Flash -- Thunder codewords with other tomb robbers

Present today
Cliff - Graystone or Grayfield
Eric H - Brother Rodger
James Tubb- Macabros the Mage
Jose - Kevlar
Keith - Deela Danderfluff
Peter - Uta, Barbarian
Ed - Glant Broadwit, Dwarf

The weather is surprisingly clear

Going deep to the east, past the collapsed barrow.

40' by 40'
At the center stands a dull stone statue of proud warrior, broad helm,
round shield a greaves, breastplate, shield, bright shortsword
sword and shield are real.
Be forthright and rejoice under the sun - inscription under statue

Checking for S doors all around, Kevlar tried to take sword and shield
from statue, but firmly held.

Brother Rodger shines the light of the sun into room with his mirror.
Graystone back at entrance saw a harpy fly out of the caved in mound
to the west 3 hexes.

Tried a variety of things to get the sword from the statue.

Opening door.

A dark spectral form materialized through the door, siezes Uta and drains
her of all life. Its a terrible wraith. Her halfling follower grabs her pouch as everyone runs.

Rallied and went to the bronze door mound, SE,S,S from the collapsed harpy mound.
It is partially collapsed.
Looking in, we see a big chamber inside, three entrances, stairs down, one to left and one far north.
Some debris in there.

Opened side room, chest between two sarcophagi, opened with 10' pole, metal snake springs out and attacks Odo the halfling henchman and kills him with poison.

Lots of gold found in chest - 700 GP

Killed a wight from each sarcophagus - destroyed all the shields

Got potions from sage and additional silver gear, hired a new thief PC named Weasel

Second run - ambushed by giant frogs, dispatched them but lost Thiessa the hireling and 3 wounded.

Into the entrance of the Barrowmaze.

Run log - Barrowmaze 9, Beware of the Wraith's Touch - March 15
Deela (Keith)
Glant (Ed)
Bross (Walt)
Br. Rodger (Eric H)
Macabros (James)

Moved out quick
Digging C11,R4, which we had previously worked on.
Hiss of gas when we finally open it, with a foul smell.
15' circular burial mound, primitively carved wooden casket in the shape of a man, on a dais. wall sconces, decorative amphora, depicting life in a nearby village
Deela and Bross lead us down into the tomb.
Bross carrying a lantern, tapping with a 10' pole, mud at the back.
Need to buy a drill, for pouring in holy water and oil.
Inanimate skeleton, 4 silver jars in the corners.
Bross carefully lifts out.
Sealed seems empty.
Glant takes one out and shakes it. sealed and seems empty.
Deela gets one, also light and seems empty.
Rodger gets the last, it has stuff in it. He opens it. It has foul stuff in it, organs from a body,
disgusting but unrecognizable.
All the jars packed away.
Attention turns to the amphorae in the sconces. Sconces checked for trap triggers with pole, nothing found. Packed into the bag of holding.
Dickered to 35G@ for the 8 amphorae, 200G for 4 coptic jars.  480 total, 96 G each.
Back to town with the loot to our favorite merchant, ??'s Emporium
The goo is liver, might be able to be turned to curative magics. Come back to check later.

Back to Barrowmaze at midday
At the Back Door. C15, R7
Going to mound at C23, R8
Encounter at 70' from the N, gaunt figure in black plate mail

We run, hard as we can. Glant and then Deela bring up the rear. The fog thickens, the leaders hold up at the back door, so we go in there.

Stairs down N, to a right turn 5' wide, through rubble into a 10' wide N-S passage, opening to east,
Go south to rm with statues of forgotten gods. 8 statues, jaggedy walls, Deela falls in pit.
Nothing otherwise, so we head north.

west to 52, checked down into 53 that we burned back when, then east again and N to 56, 57, and Deela checks the small 10 x 10 to N and finds nothing.

Coming back we run into 2 undead south of 56
Some kind of fancy zombies, crossbows, thrown dagger, turn undead. Glant hits.
Zombies lurch in, one miss Br Rodger, Bross dodges the other.
Br Rodger hurt and falls back, Glant rushes in. Bross and Glant drop the two zombies with furious attacks. Nat 20 for Glat! w00T!

Searched room 55, skulls and bones in the alcoves. No secret doors found. Already searched

Exploring west again from 52. Finding stuff we'd been to before but maping this time.

Break down a brick wall, opening up a new area at the intersection near the pit.
Bross falls into a pit and disappears. Once the light is lit, Deela lowers a rope and both Deelan and the
rope disappear. Eventually, Glant anchors a rope, climbs down, reaches bottom and only disappears after laying downa nd releasing the rope.
Br Rodger and Macabros follow.

We don't all die. It was a teleport trap. Bross finds a skeleton and it surprises him and attacks.

Deela appears as the skeleton dies to Bross's sword and the skull rolls into her lap.
Skeleton has black chainmail and Bross took it.

Batter the door down, something growls. Door comes down and it is three two headed, slavering dogs.
Glant hews one in two with the first blow. Bross wings one, Deela stabs it too.
It tears at Bross with both heads. One bites him horribly, the other misses. It injects poison too.
Death Dogs!!

After hitting but not quite killing another dog, Glant backs up to open a tactical pocket. Deela moves up into it and gets bit bad. Loses her arm to a death dog.
Brother Rodger hits her with a power Cure Light Wounds. Bross(IIRC) finishes off the last dog as it leaps for Glant.

In 68 we find a map chalked ont he floor, Bross records it. Then zombies follow down from the north, we quickly open the door east of
68 and Glant throws oil and Br Rodger a torch to block the zombies. We go through the door,
Glant spikes it and we go south down a corridor, and find ourselves in known territory.

 We head to the main entrance and find three Hucuva hooded skeletons there. Glant charges in, Bross hits one with his HCB.

Glant wounded but resists the poison, sacrificed shield to second hit, wounded twice more and made two more poison saves, the last one barely. Ended at 2 HP. Brother Rodger downed and sacrificed shield, made poison save.

Bross hits the last one and Deela finishes it off.  Started to look like a TPK there but we just barely got out.

Intercepted in the woods by the bandits, we scared them off with word of the black death knight.

Glant ended the night under 200 points from level 3. This is a tough campaign.

Followup on Samurai skirmishing

Thought about this some more over the past week. The current concept is to build a maneuvers deck. Basic moves out of contact will not require a card play or will use any card and ignore the card's details. A typical card will depict the movement of a character, and possibly of an enemy character in response (so you can get the mutual circling for advantage effect or similar. You play one of these cards to enter combat. Part of the movement depicted will be before the clash, part after, so characters will seldom end up toe to toe, instead they will be moving into and out of contact, until immobilized. Each basic card will also have a built in combat modifier.

Attackers that start in contact still play a card to attack.

Some cards will be interrupts that replace a card played if played by the character on the receiving end. Some might only be playable by an more experienced or equally experienced character.

Some cards would enable characters to act together. Some would allow higher experience characters to scare lower ones into a retreat. A few cards will cover special acrobatic moves, like wall running and aerial flips, for use in cinematic games.

The hand size would be increased by having more experienced characters in a buntai (group).

Next I'll need to build a starter deck, and try some run-throughs to work out a reasonable card mix in the deck, handsize details and draw/discard rules. Will also need to work out the interaction when card moves bring figures into contact with terrain obstacles or other characters.

I can see this working towards the feel I want but need to keep it pretty simple to avoid bogging down.

So lets see what a deck might look like:
Wherever a recoil is listed, the wounded loser recoils or the attacker if neither is wounded or stunned. It should be 2-3".

4 cards move straight in, loser recoils straight back 2-3" after attack
4 cards pass to left, attacker recoils forward left, defender recoils directly away from contact to the attacker's right if wounded.
4 cards pass to the right, attacker recoils forward right, defender left if wounded.
4 cards circle left, close to 1", both circle 45 x 1d6 degrees, fight, loser recoils straight back from there
4 cards circle right, ditto but in reverse.
3 cards - wave attack, up to 4 starting with intervals of no more than 2" move in together against an equal or higher experience character they can group attack. They
3 card - group attack - ditto, but up to 3 move in together, will attack from left, right, front, and recoil out at those angles, splitting up
3 cards - pair attack - ditto, but only two together, left front and right front spread by at least 90 degrees if they recoil.
2 cards* - wall run attack, using a wall to left or right, can run up to wall, and up to 3" on it to go around intervening figures or obstacles and remaining move back on the ground. Can fight anywhere from the wall or later, but will recoil away forward like a pass to the left or right.
2 cards* - acrobatic charge - a character in light or no armor and greater than base skill can leap or flip over a linear obstacle and attack from the air, will end by passing over target and recoiling forward.
2 cards - counter rush group - interrupt,  break up a group attack by rushing forward, they recoil without attacking,
2 cards - flank the group, interrupt, defender plays to swing out to meet one end of the group, and only engages that end attacker, with him screening others
2 cards - evade group, interrupt, evade back from a group attack without combat.
1 card - trick group, interrupt, evade back at the last moment, and one group attacker strikes at a friend instead.
2 cards - interrupt -  intercept - a defender within 3" of the attacker's line to the target figure can interpose itself, replacing the intended defender in the combat.

A single attacker that moves in such that multiple defenders come within 1" or 2" if using either Yari have to face the one vs many dicing at the disadvantage.

Starred special moves and interrupts can also be played as basic straight in - straight back attack cards.

I will try mixing this into Ronin, shifting the melee combats to be part of the movement phase like shooting, and adjust from there.

Hand size will be the sum of the Buntai's ranks, critical wounds remove the figure from the rank count, with a refresh to full after stun removal, minus 1 card per stunned or grievously wounded figure, minus 2 if the Buntai is shaken, minus half (round down) of the remaining cards if routed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thoughts on Samurai skirmish gaming

So after the second game of Ronin, the first one "doing it right", the game has not grown on me. It is not dynamic enough. Guys filter into the melee, end up standing in place and trading attacks, with manipulation of the Combat Pool tokens for determining how offensive or defensive you are playing each clash being the main tactical interplay and it get stereotyped pretty quick.

But I am enjoying the "look" of the thing regarding terrain and at least the better painted among the figures (i.e. not my 30+ year old Heritage guys painted with tube acrylics and no references).

So how do you get the "feel" of Samurai movies and Eiji Yoshikawa's novel Musashi (as much as I can remember of it after so many years) into a skirmish game? It needs lots of movement, closing and separating movement, with no ZOC-like penalties giving parting shots and the like that bias you towards a static toe to toe fight. It needs to flow. There should be some movement after every combat clash, with part of the result possibly being who controls it (or there might be a random element to it sometimes). Combat resolution should be really quick, so the next move can happen and flow of the action can be maintained. This could be encouraged by having mid-move "drive-by" attacks as the norm, with the figure's move continued after the contact where a clash is resolved, and maybe a penalty if you stop in place and fight statically. I'm tempted to think cards instead of dice to minimize factor counting on a table, and to generate ephemeral advantages and tempo changes. Have some sort of way to have some united rushes, and yet the more heroic figures have some sort of  "mook spooking" intidimiation that can either turn that group rush into a momentary retreat, or  he get out of the way of most of them, or pulls off a whirlwind attack that interrupts them and scares, injures, or kills several, at least some of the time. At other times, mooks filter in for serial one vs ones. Duels should sometimes emerge between pairs of skilled figures that can include turning movement, rushes past, and advancing/retreating moments. It needs to be easy to do, and have most movements either have tactical value or be morale/advantage results.

 I want to see a Samurai swordfight that is a swirling melee, and not something that coalesces into a rough line of static one on one and two on one dice contests until one side's moral folds.

I'll keep thinking about mechanics to achieve it, but at least the goal is clear now.

 I'm also going to look at the Kensai rulebook, which is another new set for Samurai, and see if they give the feeling I'm looking for. ... (several minutes pass) ...  Found the PDF and skimmed part of it. It is very pretty, with very high graphical presentation values. Check it out.  But it is not what I am looking for. It is a small units battle game,  not a man to man skirmish game.

Saturday Paint Table

This time I'll do a blog post and link it.

Worked on a mix of stuff today.
Did painting on the little Japanese building from a few weeks back,and an old Vietnam War 20mm scratchbuilt hut that I finished up today to use as a shed for Japanese villagers
Got the old half done Dixons that were proving awkward to handle on the old four man balsa sticks onto their individual fender washers, and some more bare figures were based up and primed. A few Japanese Cavalry got some base painting and a bit more here and there.

Then went off and played a game that used the new buildings.

The pic below shows the mixed basing work in progress on the dining room table.

 Scratchbuilt this building several years ago, Milliput over foamcore with some wood bits and a plastic window frame on the back side. Finally finishing up the painting.
 Painting up the little house.
First priming batch, also did another bigger one later in the day once the new glue locking down sand and basing grit dried.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ronin game two

This time we set up a village on the board, and had a Bushi force with 200 points divided into two nominal commands vs an Ikko Ikki force of two hundred points similarly split and played the official village defense scenario. Ikko Ikki played by Eric and Dave rolled defenders. Leila and I attacked with the Bushi.

We had a Hatamoto, six Samurai swordsmen and one Samurai that also had a Yumi. They had a more bows and more guys overall, but went for some high quality leaders.

The opening archery as we closed in was pretty ineffectual, only inflicting one stun. It's really hard to injure Samurai with bowfire. While our average quality was good, their mix of having more outnumbering fights going along with the two good leaders eventually told and we withdrew after around three turns of melee in which everybody eventually filtered in, and they finally turned a light wound into a grievous and then a kill, and got another grievous wound on one of our guys and we had a couple more light wounds, to I think it was two light wound and a dead peasant who was killed early on. We called it at 10 PM after the Bushi passed their first morale check but then decided to concede the game and withdraw.

It was fun but when most of the figures are skilled and in medium or heavy armor it does grind a bit as a slugfest.

 The view into the village from my end at the beginning, Eric in the background

 My small Bushi command, after the first Samurai has moved.

Eric and Dave. I think Dave was working out the pizza order in this pic.

 Dave contemplates a move in the second turn.

Leila joined in and sketched one of the figures when it wasn't her turn.

Sporting my new bearded look.

Middle of the melee battle, wounds have started to turn against the Bushi side. Both those lightly wounded Samurai eventually accumulated more wounds. The one with the lion mane helmet on the left took light + light into grievous, plus an outright killing wound since he was weakened by the grievous wound and rolled badly.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Distressed Parchments and Banner

Blanks to fill in with found maps or wanted posters or cryptic texts. Stretching out a bit from just doing maps to other game support graphics. For a first go, I was pretty happy with these.

Left side of the banner worked better than the right side. Getting the fold back correct is tricky, and the left swallow tail has more life to it. Might cheat with digital mirroring and then fill in contents on that one.

And now to bed for a nap, sick today, energy used up scanning and posting.

Domes and Caverns

This one is still seeking a satisfying name, thus the blank nameplate. The history so far is that a Sorcerer discovered that the caverns here are powerful foci of magical energies. He hired adventurers to slay the denizens, of which the giant's skeleton is still mute evidence. Then he set about construction of the domed chambers, walling off portions of the caverns, and placing secret doors into some of the others. Given the degree of decay and the loose oozes, the Sorcerer has been away or otherwise unable to maintain the premises for some time now.

Technically, this is a first experiment in using the tablet camera and Scanbox to get this quickly onto the computer. Adjusted brightness and contrast, but it needed more light in the initial shot.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barbarians of Lemuria Rocked

That went very well. It's too late to write much now, so just a short summary.

Gorgor Fellhammer, Logen the Bounty Hunter, and cold eyed Rafe Tularen  slipped past the apemen roaming the ruins of ancient Qar on the trail of a missing caravan led by Lady Delit, the Oomis heiress of the grand trading house of Zar.  Following the trail to the Temple of the Blood Cult of Zylidith, they rescued the ensorcelled caravaneers from the clutches of the duplicitous Lady Delit and her Morgal master, the Druid Sorcerer Vaasketh,  handily dispatching Vaasketh in the process after Gorgor's epic stair dive cut them off from escape.  A cursed dagger broken, prisoners freed from the dungeon beneath the temple, the caravan survivors were gathered and escorted home. The scene closes on on Gorgor's effort to convert Delit back from the enticements of the blood cult to the normality of debauchery on the seedy side of Oomis.

It's going to be a campaign.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Google Hangouts Barbarians of Lemuria game

I'm planning to cut my teeth at Google Hangouts GMing tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 4, with a game of Barbarians of Lemuria if I can get a few players. Have one interested so far. Looking at starting at 8 PM PST, could do 7 PM if that works better for interested people. Let me know if you want to play.

Event listing to sign up

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Samurai skirmish with the Ronin rules from Osprey

Tonight's game was an impromptu Samurai skirmish game. I had the Ronin rules from Osprey in my bag, but expected to be only showing them off tonight to prepare people for doing Samurai later and find out if Eric had any figures, since I thought the bulk of the local Samurai figures were at Henry's house for an RPG awhile back. Turned out Eric had more painted ones around than I knew of, some his own, some from others in the crew. So we said what the heck, let's give them a try, and home I went to get some buildings. The terrain boards are ones I made back in the 80s and early 90s and they've been living in Eric's garage for about ten years now, so it was a pleasure to drag them out again.

 I had read the rules a few weeks before, but had forgotten some of it, so it was learn by playing and we missed some bits until bumping into them near the end when looking up something else.

Ronin is a good set of rules for small Samurai skirmish games. Most of the caveats we had were things we figured out near the end we had been doing wrong, and that's always a good sign.

For our scenario, at the center of the table was a village, with my one finished Japanese house and a few thatched Dark Ages houses filling in.

Since it was a scratch game and I couldn't find a copy shop open this evening to duplicate tables and army lists, we had some hand waving towards force composition, which actually led to some of the errors.

Ed - 7 peasants and ronin in a tax revolt defending the village. Only one had armor and that was light.
Henry 5 Sohei coming to bolster the villagers. Leader with a Katana, others with Naginatas. Medium armor.

Dave 4 Red Samurai, two of them archers, coming to suppress the rebellion and collect the taxes. Heavy armor.
Eric 4 Blue and Purple Samurai, just like Dave's force in composition.

I underrated the Samurai a bit in the handwaved setup without looking at the list too closely, though the Sohei and Ronin would likely have been a bit better and the peasants more numerous in a serious set up as well.

The Samurai side of the board had a river that ran almost to the end. Dave opted to come straight across the narrow footbridge. Eric took the long way by starting way off  to the right, which put him on the village side of the river from the start but farther away.

Since the attackers came at us divided, I went ahead and defended the village side of the bridge, while awaiting Sohei support. Since only the attacking Samurai had archers, the defenders had to lurk in cover as much as possible until they could engage the attacking Samurai fighters.

Discovered I'd left the better camera at home, oops, so phone pics are all I have.

Lurking Defenders

First clash at the village end of the bridge

Sohei to the rescue!

Dave's last Samurai fell back and took a final shot at the charging Sohei before being overwhelmed.

By dint of luck and combat rules mistakes, the defenders held out with only a few losses and even killed a couple attackers, and the Sohei finished off the bridge attackers, while the peasant leader and his remaining healthy fighters charged the flanking Samurai and promptly died.

The last two peasants standing retreated into the house until the Sohei could come back. The Sohei are making use of cover to approach here.  

Eric's Samurai proved to be of sterner stuff and a couple of turns later, the Sohei leader was slain, and two or three more with various wounds, while the Samurai, even with the intervention of the last surviving peasants, stood victorious with just one of them lightly wounded. Neglected to take a final picture of their victory.

It was a fun learning game and we'll play Ronin again soon, with the rules sorted out, charts in hand, and properly organized forces.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tile of Doom, now with more Evoca-bits.

My last few maps were intentionally sparse to be detailed at stocking time. Pulled out all the stops detailing this one, so there are lots of fiddly details for a GM to use either functionally or as paranoia-ratcheting red herrings. The scan is not as high contrast as I intended at this reduction, but is about the same size as the original.