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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Barrowmaze runs 8 & 9 running game log

Billy Compton's Barrowmaze campaign marches on.

SPOILER ALERT - Do not read if you'll be a player in Barrowmaze, unless you're in Billy's game where this is party knowledge.

This text is rough, it is my notes written in game while also mapping in run 9. As a simple log, it is mostly of interest to those who were there.

Barrowmaze run 8 The Iron Gauntlet revealed

Molvay is fed up with us and me, leaves and is spreading rumors around town about us. Not enough loot in that run.

Tomb robbers doing barrows to the north - about 30 led by a guy in plate

Flash -- Thunder codewords with other tomb robbers

Present today
Cliff - Graystone or Grayfield
Eric H - Brother Rodger
James Tubb- Macabros the Mage
Jose - Kevlar
Keith - Deela Danderfluff
Peter - Uta, Barbarian
Ed - Glant Broadwit, Dwarf

The weather is surprisingly clear

Going deep to the east, past the collapsed barrow.

40' by 40'
At the center stands a dull stone statue of proud warrior, broad helm,
round shield a greaves, breastplate, shield, bright shortsword
sword and shield are real.
Be forthright and rejoice under the sun - inscription under statue

Checking for S doors all around, Kevlar tried to take sword and shield
from statue, but firmly held.

Brother Rodger shines the light of the sun into room with his mirror.
Graystone back at entrance saw a harpy fly out of the caved in mound
to the west 3 hexes.

Tried a variety of things to get the sword from the statue.

Opening door.

A dark spectral form materialized through the door, siezes Uta and drains
her of all life. Its a terrible wraith. Her halfling follower grabs her pouch as everyone runs.

Rallied and went to the bronze door mound, SE,S,S from the collapsed harpy mound.
It is partially collapsed.
Looking in, we see a big chamber inside, three entrances, stairs down, one to left and one far north.
Some debris in there.

Opened side room, chest between two sarcophagi, opened with 10' pole, metal snake springs out and attacks Odo the halfling henchman and kills him with poison.

Lots of gold found in chest - 700 GP

Killed a wight from each sarcophagus - destroyed all the shields

Got potions from sage and additional silver gear, hired a new thief PC named Weasel

Second run - ambushed by giant frogs, dispatched them but lost Thiessa the hireling and 3 wounded.

Into the entrance of the Barrowmaze.

Run log - Barrowmaze 9, Beware of the Wraith's Touch - March 15
Deela (Keith)
Glant (Ed)
Bross (Walt)
Br. Rodger (Eric H)
Macabros (James)

Moved out quick
Digging C11,R4, which we had previously worked on.
Hiss of gas when we finally open it, with a foul smell.
15' circular burial mound, primitively carved wooden casket in the shape of a man, on a dais. wall sconces, decorative amphora, depicting life in a nearby village
Deela and Bross lead us down into the tomb.
Bross carrying a lantern, tapping with a 10' pole, mud at the back.
Need to buy a drill, for pouring in holy water and oil.
Inanimate skeleton, 4 silver jars in the corners.
Bross carefully lifts out.
Sealed seems empty.
Glant takes one out and shakes it. sealed and seems empty.
Deela gets one, also light and seems empty.
Rodger gets the last, it has stuff in it. He opens it. It has foul stuff in it, organs from a body,
disgusting but unrecognizable.
All the jars packed away.
Attention turns to the amphorae in the sconces. Sconces checked for trap triggers with pole, nothing found. Packed into the bag of holding.
Dickered to 35G@ for the 8 amphorae, 200G for 4 coptic jars.  480 total, 96 G each.
Back to town with the loot to our favorite merchant, ??'s Emporium
The goo is liver, might be able to be turned to curative magics. Come back to check later.

Back to Barrowmaze at midday
At the Back Door. C15, R7
Going to mound at C23, R8
Encounter at 70' from the N, gaunt figure in black plate mail

We run, hard as we can. Glant and then Deela bring up the rear. The fog thickens, the leaders hold up at the back door, so we go in there.

Stairs down N, to a right turn 5' wide, through rubble into a 10' wide N-S passage, opening to east,
Go south to rm with statues of forgotten gods. 8 statues, jaggedy walls, Deela falls in pit.
Nothing otherwise, so we head north.

west to 52, checked down into 53 that we burned back when, then east again and N to 56, 57, and Deela checks the small 10 x 10 to N and finds nothing.

Coming back we run into 2 undead south of 56
Some kind of fancy zombies, crossbows, thrown dagger, turn undead. Glant hits.
Zombies lurch in, one miss Br Rodger, Bross dodges the other.
Br Rodger hurt and falls back, Glant rushes in. Bross and Glant drop the two zombies with furious attacks. Nat 20 for Glat! w00T!

Searched room 55, skulls and bones in the alcoves. No secret doors found. Already searched

Exploring west again from 52. Finding stuff we'd been to before but maping this time.

Break down a brick wall, opening up a new area at the intersection near the pit.
Bross falls into a pit and disappears. Once the light is lit, Deela lowers a rope and both Deelan and the
rope disappear. Eventually, Glant anchors a rope, climbs down, reaches bottom and only disappears after laying downa nd releasing the rope.
Br Rodger and Macabros follow.

We don't all die. It was a teleport trap. Bross finds a skeleton and it surprises him and attacks.

Deela appears as the skeleton dies to Bross's sword and the skull rolls into her lap.
Skeleton has black chainmail and Bross took it.

Batter the door down, something growls. Door comes down and it is three two headed, slavering dogs.
Glant hews one in two with the first blow. Bross wings one, Deela stabs it too.
It tears at Bross with both heads. One bites him horribly, the other misses. It injects poison too.
Death Dogs!!

After hitting but not quite killing another dog, Glant backs up to open a tactical pocket. Deela moves up into it and gets bit bad. Loses her arm to a death dog.
Brother Rodger hits her with a power Cure Light Wounds. Bross(IIRC) finishes off the last dog as it leaps for Glant.

In 68 we find a map chalked ont he floor, Bross records it. Then zombies follow down from the north, we quickly open the door east of
68 and Glant throws oil and Br Rodger a torch to block the zombies. We go through the door,
Glant spikes it and we go south down a corridor, and find ourselves in known territory.

 We head to the main entrance and find three Hucuva hooded skeletons there. Glant charges in, Bross hits one with his HCB.

Glant wounded but resists the poison, sacrificed shield to second hit, wounded twice more and made two more poison saves, the last one barely. Ended at 2 HP. Brother Rodger downed and sacrificed shield, made poison save.

Bross hits the last one and Deela finishes it off.  Started to look like a TPK there but we just barely got out.

Intercepted in the woods by the bandits, we scared them off with word of the black death knight.

Glant ended the night under 200 points from level 3. This is a tough campaign.

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