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Evocative sites and stories

I'm going to keep a little scrapbook here of news items and geographical, historical or scientific pieces and such that make me think "I gotta do something with that in a game."

Sources of Multiple Ideas

Atlas Obscura has all sorts of stuff

Fortean Times news of the weird


Brain parasite fly
These prehistoric aquatic creatures were black.
Flying snakes 
Crocs that climb trees


Nat Geo story on "haunted" Maya underwater caves
Roman Headhunters in ancient Britain
The world's largest cave
Elephant Rock
The Creepiest Places on Earth - Buzzfeed
Megafloods make strange rock formations

Into the Cave of Wonders a beautiful documentary of a Spanish cavern complex.

The Ancient Ghost City of Ani photo documentary article of the ruins of a medieval Armenian city.  And Virtual Ani.

13 Houses with Secret Passageways

Derinkuyu underground cities in Turkey, Thanks to XKCD for pointing me that way.

Medieval English tavern names

Brothers Grimm Homeland in WIRED

The Cemetery Church of All Saints in the Czech Republic

A fascinating real cave in Mexico, thanks, +Ara Kooser for pointing it out.

Drawing and Mapping

Drawing Architecture Thanks, Kevin Campbell for the pointer.

Cartographers Guild

Things Slings get underrated in D&D.  I've been very fond of slings since reading of the Grey Mouser using one, making and shooting a couple and clay shot for them in my rural teens, and reading an article on them in Sci Am back then.  Here's a gathering of sling geeks and sling info.

Making pseudo-medieval books for props.

Earth Sciences Picture of the Day

Painting & Modeling Guides

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