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Links to RPG resource pages, mainly so I have them from all my browsers. Moving this from a post to a page, to make it easier to find, and try out pages in Blogger.

Random Generators

A list of many dungeon entrances, from the prosaic to the poetic to the downright wacky. Dungeon Entrances Revisited post on Hack & Slash blog

Abulafia random generators wiki- an amazingly broad and deep collection

 Tables for city crawls up onto the rooftops, down the alleys, and in the sewers:
City crawling tables at Last Gasp Grimoire

The Dungeon Dozen  and  Jeff Russell's fan index to it.

Harley Stroh is organizing the G+ Community Dungeon Crawl Gonzo for DCC   I contributed quite a bit to this one.

Wizardawn has a lot of random generators.

Underworld Kingdom has a lot random tables articles.

Barrowmaze Meatshields hireling generator

Hack & Slash theory article and traps collection, good mission generator too.

Job Generator at Blessing of the Dice Gods, in the Vornheiming Middleheim series

PBE Games RPG freebies list with a sideboard of random generators.

False Machine

The City of Iron: Dungeon Disappearances or what happens to the PC whose player fails to show up in mid-adventure

The SciFi Ideas site has some SF ones.

Telecanter's Receding Rules has some interesting ones, most recently a set of scenic areas for a sandbox game.

Evocative +1 equivalent swords

Unusual cursed items

Hyborian Potentials

D200 Side effects of being resurrected table

D100 Necromancer Artifacts

100 Chaotic Familiars for DCC

My post Bruno Faidutti's Citadels as an RPG city generator and  Timinits & Trolls's article developing a variation on it.

100 random complications for The Keep on the Borderlands

Maps and Mapping

Dyson's Dodecahedron when you need a gorgeous map in a hurry

Matt Jackson's Moleskine Maps for more very nice maps.

Dave's Mapper  dungeon geomorphs and randomized dungeons from the, including side views

Michael Wenman's Vulpinoid "Observations of the Fox" site with some excellent How-To articles on mapping.

Blue Boxer Rebellion has fun maps to print and play on.

Shane Knysh's fictitious entry has beautiful maps.

The Pit of Despair at Stonewerks

Anglo Saxon London   and the associated Londonist article

One Page Dungeon contest dungeons - This year's deadline is April 30.

Random Cave Generator

The Castellan's Corner Eric H is a new blogger doing some nice stocked dungeons in the style of Dyson.

Chris Nicole's maps, scene and character sketches

New York Public Library Open Access Maps zoom to high resolution, 20,000+ with Creative Commons public domain dedication

Megadungeon Creation

Benoist's walkthrough on creating a megadungeon

Tony Dowler's How to Host a Dungeon solo dungeon creation game and resources links page.

Node based megadungeon design

Why is there a dungeon under your city?

Hub and state generation in a random dungeon

Blog Lists

Gorgonmilk OSR blog list 

Charles Akins's OSR blogroll

Tenkar's Tavern

Props & Pictures

Newspaper clippings graphic maker

The British Library's Flickr with a million public domain pictures. 15000 more of Persian manuscripts!

Propnomicon   Making gorgeous props with a Lovecraftian flavor

Magnified Sand could make for interesting gem hoards.

Campaign Setting Ideas

Blog of Holding article on a Jeff Grubb setting that TSR didn't develop into a product, but sounds like fun. And Samuel Dillon ran with it for his Seven Pillars campaign.

Character Generation

Odd Corners in the Rules

On adjudicating Green Slime  just because I got to thinking about how awkward it is in OD&D and then went searching for a discussion of it.

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