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Sunday, July 29, 2012

OD&D Jousting Table

Found this table in my notebook. Looks like I was converting the jousting table from Chainmail to D&D.
Level Difference
Chainmail result-2 or less-1 to +1+2 to +4+5 or more
* or G at the choice of the attacker
Adjustments (to the effective level of the jouster, I assume)
Heavy Warhorse +1
Plate Armor +1
Light Horse -1
Leather or No Armor -1
Magic Spear + the bonus of the spear

M Miss, no effect
G Glances off: -1 to 3 hits to defender
B* Breaks lance: -1 to 3 hits to attacker, -0 to 2 to defender
H* Helm knocked off: -1 to 3 HEAD hits to defender
U Unhorsed: -1 to 6 hits defender if wearing plate, -1 to 3 if chain
I Injured: -1 to 8 hits defender if attacker wielding battlelance, -1 to 4 if jousting lance
2I Two Injured results.

Hits here is shorthand for hit points of damage.

This was using the Blackmoor hit location system - can only take 15% of total HP as a head hit, very dangerous.

I'm trying to figure out the handwritten notation at the bottom left of the table. it might help to dig out a copy of Chainmail.

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