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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Heart of the Spider

Deep in the mysterious caverns there is rumored to be a nexus, a crossroads of a sort, called the Heart of the Spider. On a page torn from a moldering wizard's notebook of his scryings are his observations on strange rites performed there by dark elves on their stupefied captives.

This one feels like a "levelling up" drawing to me, better than what I've done so far. I expect to use it at the core of the cavern complex to a megadungeon. While scattering some details around, I was careful not to overdo it. The central chamber is blank to be filled in later according to how it is stocked. It will get a bit more stippling and detailing here and there,  probably 80-90% done at this point. Unfortunately it picked up a bit of a stain near the title that I'll have to retouch out, hardly visible on the paper, but sharpening the scan enhanced it.

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