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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hitting some technical limits

Thinking out loud post here, boring details warning...

That last post of Castle Cairnin broke my patience threshold. I got the files enhanced to readability reasonably quickly once I found the pattern to it, but it took a long time to upload so many graphics files given my current DSL internet connection. The Blogger graphics file view is starting to get too big for conveniently finding stuff. The post loads really slowly in a browser with that many graphics of that size, which makes fitting it in a blog format where you scroll from one post to the next even worse.

So it's time work through the mitigations that will make it sustainable.

I'd already been thinking  about the need to do a content based split of the blog. Posts that need more than a couple of graphics are a second dimension to consider.

Save as JPEGs instead of PNGs and wring out some file size reduction to help cut into the upload times a bit.

Be more savvy about how many graphics files go in a post. Text as graphics has some nostalgia value but damn its inefficient on space and time and manageability.

This is yet another prodding to move from DSL to cable.

Hosting some images somewhere else is worth a try to see if part of the throttling is at the Blogger end and not just the raw internet connection speed at my end. It also gives more control

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