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Monday, January 20, 2014

More caves!

Yet another batch of caverns, trying another approach to marking walls. With the emphasis on the wall treatment, I left the floors blank for now. Is it better to fully treat the walls of the upper cave in the vertical overlaps like on the right or leave them a simple line so to to reveal as much as possible of the one below like on the left?


  1. These are really looking like art. Nice wall treatment. It looks time consuming.

    1. It is surprisingly quick. I did this and the Crystalmek map today.

      Recipe: Using a 0.7 Staedtler pen, draw wall as a ziggy-zaggy line, then go around it with a bumpty-bump line that touches it every couple millimeters with various shapes of the bumps, Then go back around coloring in the gaps and streaking in the pointy lines into the caves to represent sloping walls, outcrops, or something. Then put a scattering of rock loops around it, and do a light stipple of just a couple of dots out from the wall, more once in awhile or around the rocks. You can see what the plain initial zigzag line looks like where I left it in some of the overlaps. It also looks good without the coloring stage. The Nameless Dungeon shows the first time I tried a wall like this, but without the coloring in and with more stippling.

    2. Pretty much any of the India ink fine nib marker pens will do, I just happened to do this with the thick one in my Staedtler set of four.