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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gearing up to run a Dungeon World game

Dungeon World has been in my back burner pile for awhile, but I do really want to try it so I'm pushing it forward to the front burner.  I started reading it again and told the Friday night game group that I want to run one pretty soon. So I am rereading it and starting to scan the web for stuff. Found The Fine Mess Games page on Dungeon Starters  after coming across mention of the Shallow Seas one on a message board this morning.

Rollplay R&D on Youtube has a good video of a play session of Dungeon World. Hadn't come across it before and was surprised to see Luperza from Planetside 2 there playing.

Interesting post with custom moves for a sci fi Apocalypse World setting that might have some crossover potential.

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