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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More old maps

While assembling my Map Index links page, I found some maps in my uploaded pictures that never got posted back in 2012 when I was scanning old maps like mad and posting them. So here are a few more of my greatest? hits of the 70s, suitable for the 40th anniversary of D&D, and a couple of later ones. Definitely more on the functional than the arty side.

 I don't know what this one is. Something from the 80s I think. I notice it has some of my favorite map tropes, like the pit with a board bridging it, and a small tunnel from the pit over to a trapdoor up to another hall.

 I totally don't know where this castle was.

I think this is sort of a hidden oasis with a spring and a pool in a bowl on a hill, since the vegetation away from the water looks like dry scrub. There is a secret approach trail up the dry stream bed. I do not remember what I was planning, but I still kind of like it.

 This one was later in the 70s campaign. I can tell by the calligraphy, the little subtunnels for the ratmen to flank the PCs, and the hollow tree entrances.
 Wasserschein siege tunnels. This one got used once I think.

Gotta figure out how to rotate images in blogger. CSS, or is their a GUI trick to it?
Anyway, the siege tunnels on the map above are located on this map, I think.

Zershene was typical of the smaller dungeons from the campaign after I scrapped the 10 squares to the inch megadungeon from the first flush of learning. Four compact levels on one sheet. This one saw a lot of play.

This last one, the Mountain Troll Lair, was effectively a one page dungeon, heavily keyed right on the map, probably from either my 80s 10 year anniversary OD&D game or intended for a 3rd Edition game. Either way, I don't think I ran it. It might be a fun one to redraw in inks.


  1. Did we play in any of these dungeons with the Loda groups?

    1. Hey Chris!
      Yeah, most of what I've been posting of old maps was the Loda game. On the Cairnin one in the other post, where I scanned in all the keys, there's a lot of marks that I made during play. Looks like it was partially explored but not cleared. I have several pages of campaign logs in one notebook, The Tarnheim Chronicles, where I was trying to write in a pseudo-chronicler style. It didn't capture everything, I think I started it a bit late and may have stopped before the end, but does give a track of a lot of the wanderings of the characters. Might be able to look up there which group of characters that was.

      I'm not even sure I drew the castle on green graph paper. Might have been a planning sketch by Russell for Otto Parts's planned castle or something. The style and paper are different enough that I'm guessing it is something like that.

    2. There are a couple more you guys played in left to scan, plus I used Judges' Guild or modified Judges' Guild maps a bit.