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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Playing "How to Host a Dungeon"

I started a game of "How to Host a Dungeon" last night, recording the map this time in Krita, and the log describing the dungeon and some play by play commentary in a text file.  It is basically a game you play solo to build a fleshed out classic side view dungeon map with levels, history and factions developed as you go.  Last night I completed the Primordial Age. Will post the game here once it has progressed a bit. Once done, the map you make can be turned into an OSR dungeon by drawing up and populating the levels to go with the side view.

I played once before, on paper, but stopped before the Age of Villainy. The resulting map was quite evocative and not one I would have drawn a priori. It might be worth finishing as a scenario as is, or setting back up and completing the rest of the How to Host a Dungeon history.  I'll probably scan it and transcribe the notes anyway.

Bought the paper game kit on a whim a couple years back. It's definitely a worthwhile thing for anybody who enjoys building your own dungeons with some random aids. Planet Thirteen has an unillustrated PDF version for free on their site.

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