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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Campaign planning map for 3rd edition

Sketchy campaign maps from the 3rd edition era. Campaign map and expansion map of the NW corner of it, in the dashed box.  My son and his friends were the players in this campaign, somewhere around 2000-2002. It didn't last terribly long, much remained unexplored.  A sketchy map like this feels about right to me as a campaign starter. It roughs in some locations and relationships with amendment still feeling appropriate. The more detailed second map felt appropriate to do when a part of the campaign was focused around Riddock. The more detailed one works out to roughly a mile per square given the scale note at the top of the main map. Had the campaign continued, the outer map would have been redrafted for appearance and more expansion maps done up. This was very much a generic fantasy setting, was sticking right in the middle of the comfort zone running mostly off the cuff for the kids.

Some of the notations at the right side of the key are mysterious to me now, but for completeness or if something else rings a reminder bell, I'll leave them in
1 Axewhistle - Small village trheatened with invasions
2 Lost Temple of Hieroneus   In ruins, haunted, occupied by enemies
3 Riddock - Lg village, 1/3 Halflings, - 4, 40
4 Halcastle - Small Town, Castle
5 Porcy - Lg Village
6 Veredford - Lg Village   r
7 Veredor - Med. City    5
8 Lowfield - Sm Village
9 Bald Mountain - Goblin Caves, Trasinis the Necromancer
10 Durik's Pass
11 Caves of Carnage - Lizardmen, Orcs, Undead
12 Bugbear Burrows
13 Goblin Caves - mapped in the next post
14 Bentish - Town
15 Burley -  Sm City
16 Grannock's Rock - Fortified Tavern Waystop
17 Dwarven Forge
18 Blasingdell
19 Hurdle - village
20 Gripley
21 Dog Hollow
22 Carredsfork
23 Dore
24 Longpole
25 Cliffhaven
26 Ripley
27 Torstengard
28 Dravins or Dravius
29 Seagate
30 Bell Harbor
31 Far Crag
32 Ennis
33 Sandersby Island
34 Black Sands Island
35 Stormcrow
36 Germantle
37 Castle Scar
38 Sollek
39 Fool's Gate
40 Lantern
41 Essinaissa
42 Calinar
43 Orichalcum
44 Seluna
46 Inn

This was one of two campaigns I set up in 3rd ed, probably 3.5 by this time. The other, aimed at some adult friends had more overarching plot, with a recolonizing of a lost continent by the island that was the last holdout of civilization. Had a lot planned for that but the first session ended in a TPK when a militia PC part on a recon mission went gonzo in pursuit of a goblin or kobold sentry, and barrelled right into the ogre strongpoint they were supposed to reconnoitre and report on. Then babies were born the next month to two of us and it never got rolling again.

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