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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tile of Doom, now with more Evoca-bits.

My last few maps were intentionally sparse to be detailed at stocking time. Pulled out all the stops detailing this one, so there are lots of fiddly details for a GM to use either functionally or as paranoia-ratcheting red herrings. The scan is not as high contrast as I intended at this reduction, but is about the same size as the original.


  1. Nice work Ed. The revolving entry/secret door is a clever trick. I'll have to pinch that idea!

  2. Very cool stone style. Do you use a squared paper underlay for drawing, or is it freehand?

    1. It's a mix of freehand and a couple green plastic architecture templates to make lines and shapes more regular at the outlining stage. It's on a very thick 4" square watercolor Artist's Tile from Strathmore, so tracing over graph paper is not an option.