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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cave Hatches and Stipples

After drawing the outline for The Heart of the Spider, I liked it enough that I did not want to spoil it with an incautious stippling decision. So I went to a  scratch page with some doodles already on it and tried a variety of stipples and hatches.

Some of these I really like even though I did not use them. Ended up going mostly with 1 and a bit of 17, 31 and 2 and came up with some others for variation in spots. 22 intrigues me for a really sharp edged crystalline cave, but it might be a bit hard to look at for anything big. I suck at Dyson-like straight hatching (7), mine always look a bit off and I lack patience for it, and thought it would be a bit overwhelming for HoTS, so I didn't try much. I kind of like the criss-cross hatching in 11 but it would be hard to keep consistent over a large area, and in 34, but that would both have consistency issues and maybe feel to dark on a big map.

8 is one of the worst and shows that stippling has to be done in a smaller pen than the main line.

Most of these are a single wiggle stroke of a Micron Pigma 08 as the base line, sometimes I went back and doubled it (inner line of 32, 33) or did a mini squiggle bouncing off it, filled like 29, or unfilled, 30. Most of the thinner stuff is 005, some 01, some 03. Only a couple of experiments with the brown, didn't like them enough to keep going.

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