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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DunGen: update, crowdsourcing, plans

Did a content update in DunGen last night. Among other things it expanded the list of NPC classes, while stacking additional weighting on the base Fighter, Mage, Cleric & Thief so they will still be the most frequent and Fighter the most frequent among them. The broader list may include classes not present in a campaign, so replace as needed. Small code change to split the attitude from 50 - 50 with and without for monster groups to 1/3 blank, 1/3 group attitude, 1/3 one of the group has the attitude.

Added a few entries to each of several lists: monsters, attitudes, magic items, magic weapon and armor powers, rooms, paths, oddities.

Tonight I added a search and replace Re-skinner so you can generate a dungeon, see that it filled it with, say, snakes and say, "No, I want Cosmic Rutabagas as the common monster for this level" and make that change throughout. Its also handy if you want to replace or remove the M: or Ts: labels, or use the GP abbreviation in place of the word gold, etc.

It's pushed to Github and deployed.

Crowdsourcing - an experiment
I have some factions that generate NPC lists: Adventurers, Cultists, Overlord

Here is the progression list for the Overlord faction:

1 Underling
2 Minion
3 Evil Henchman
4 Villainous Lieutenant
5 Villain
6 Evil Overlord

Well, actually in the app, they are all lowercase...

What would be another good faction to add? Faction name plus step names. Tags from the theme box if you want...

Roughly short to long term...

Monster relationships
A feature I want to do is to keep a side list internally of all generated monsters, and have the generator dice up some entries for monster relationships to add to the notes field, things like "The goblins avoid the ogres", "The cultists worship the dragons", "The werewolf preys upon the hobgoblins",  "The giants are preparing to raid the surrounding countryside" and "The wights serve a specter in a deeper level of the dungeon", basically combining subject, relationship verb phrase, and object with a bit of intelligence about probable power hierarchy so the combinations mostly make sense.

Name Generator
Name generation is another thing on the list, probably a Markov chain generator that strings together syllables drawn from several lists, possibly with tags added to monster entries for which phoneme list they'd use. Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or something that should have an on/off toggle?

The wilderness still needs work but I'm not feeling strongly about what to tackle next there.

Politics Generator
Tony Bath style politics generator - I've done this using dice in a past campaign, and Vis.js graphing should work well to show relationships between groups and people. Major figures and groups get statted out politically, on scales like Flexibility, Loyalty,  Resources,  Activity,  Aggressiveness, and Honesty, and relationship edges between them can be scored for intensity and type of emotion that flesh them out in ways that help a GM decide whether they take actions and what actions they would take. Would need some good generation of names of people, offices, and groups. Probably also assign character classes and levels to some political actors, but that is secondary in this kind of modelling. This might feed into a time-stepping simulation mode where at each interval NPCs are rolled for to see whether they take an action and what action they take and if it is off-camera, what the effect is, shifting relationships, offices and resource/power levels. The GM would have the power to fiddle the results, especially to include PC action effects, but it would generate a sort of campaign setting chronology of background events.

Mapless Content lists for phones
Mobile content list only - build an option to hide the graph when on mobile, so it can be used handily as a contents generator on a phone without the animated graph getting in the way. Possibly just showing the list above the graph would do it so you don't have to scroll down to the graph. The iPhone button to go to easy reading mode kind of covers this. Will have to see it on an Android phone to see if a similar function is already built in there. If so, no real need...

Content generator for map images
A different form of mapping - this one is still a fuzzy vision. I'd like to make it easy to connect drawn maps to generated listings.  Probably this means a UI to load a map image, drag room numbers over it,  and then generate content for each room number.  Save the relative coordinates of the room numbers to the map image for redisplay. With a tiling offset and rotational offset function it could consume geomorphs like those at Dave's Mapper. With a record of where the connector points are, it could consume my pseudo-geomorphs that try to add interest in arrangement by not exactly aligning entrances. It might require hosting a server to store the coordinate lists for images.

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