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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Zombie Dungen

Awakened my Dungen pointcrawl dungeon generator from its deadly slumber with an update tonight. So what's new?

I finished the notes field that saves with the graph and the contents table. So now there is a place for a GM using it to add free form notes for use in running a game from the page.

The top part above the graph was rather cluttered, so I cleaned it up. Removed some stuff, moved some more. Settled on holding the table of dungeon contents in one place, below the graph, which gives more room for the graph itself. But to allow for navigating past the graph in mobile, where the graph eats swipes, I added a couple buttons for moving around as a first cut at navigating.

Next up is graph editing on mobile, since the vis.js graph library has a version out to support it. That will be a bit more challenging, since the library has some breaking changes in its API and data structures involved in fixing things like that. A quick glance at their release notes suggests it may be a longer session to bring in the new version and update to use it.

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