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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mesa Cavern

Entrance is via the spiral staircase that puts the PCs on top of the southern mesa. By way of rope bridges they can get to the stairs at the north that wind down the side of the NE mesa. Then out the passage to the east or down one of the holes. Still working on a name.

It still surprises me how effective it is to go back around the outer wall of the cave and add those little inward lifting/flicking  strokes with a thinner pen where the walls go inward and occasionally just because there hasn't been one for a ways, sometimes doubled as a V.


  1. That's a cracker! going to give us an explanation of what's what?

    1. Well, the NE mesa has field fortifications covering all the approaches, so the building there is obviously important to somebody, possibly a temple. There's a tent camp on the west one, probably occupied. There's a stone circle on the center one, probably with some sort of magical or holy resonance. There's a tower reaching up to the cavern ceiling on the south one with a spiral stair going up, probably to the descending spiral stair from the Temple of the Dead God of Fortune. The stream flows from the west wall to the hole in the south mesa and has a tiny island. I don't yet know what the arrangement of four rocks or something at the NW is, or the features at the south end. I figure at least one of the fissures or the sinkhole go all the way down to a level below, maybe all three. There is a lower ledge on the east side of the south mesa that is an entrance to a small cave there. The occupants of the mesas and the floor of the cavern are probably different, but I don't know who yet. Will work that out as part of developing factions in the larger dungeon. Each of the bridges has poles at the ends supporting both the footing and handhold cables and cables that go down to anchor stakes in the rock.

  2. Real wunderful map! I hope, I can use it soon!