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Thursday, February 13, 2014

RedRawn Goblin Caves

That old one page dungeon upgraded with current art.

When you're totally stuck for an interesting name, go with the stupid pun.

I went with all the text still right there on the same page. Plus - it puts the key text very close to where its needed. Minus - its a bit messy, especially with my printing without lines to guide. Might have to digitally realign some of the text so at least it slants the same way. Or should I digitally remove the key and type one either into the graphic or alongside?

A note on process: Since I don't have a light box, I did the initial sketch trace with a jury rigged one- masking taped old map and paper to the transparent lid of a big plastic storage box, put a fluorescent reading lamp in my lap upside down and rested the lid over it. Had to shift a few times since the illumination was uneven, but got the job done.

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