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Friday, April 4, 2014

Next big map WIP

Sketched yesterday. Got most of the inking done tonight while we played Vampire. Another hour or two to go. The paper is actually white, but the room light is dim. It's coming out better inked than I expected from the sketch.


  1. Impressive! I like the way a lot of your maps are set at angles and don't follow a traditional grid.

  2. I like it a lot? Do you draw freehand, or do you use a grid of some sort?

    1. No grid on this one but I did use a couple of green templates while pencil sketching. Threw down a few crossing straight lines at first and then oriented a lot of the little rectangles and other shapes to align with them. Then when inking, I'd follow a rectangle for awhile, then clip a corner, do a swing in or out for a stretch of wall or do a freehand variation for half the room to keep it interesting, give thieves shadowy places to hide, etc.