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Sunday, October 19, 2014

How To Host a Dungeon

I've been playing a game of Tony Dowler's How to Host a Dungeon today and posting it in stages on G+. Will probably collect them together as a post here, but for now, if you are interested in a solo game for generating those classic side views of megadungeons with a history to them, check out my G+ posts or some of the various playthroughs and completed maps by other folks. Currently I am approaching the end of the Age of Civilizations, with the Demons having gone out in a blaze of war with the Angels and the Dwarves reaching the apogee of their civilization and bad portents of hubris looming. Here are some of the photos. The odd lighting and some of the fuzziness after the Primordial Age comes from putting the Primordial Age page on a lightbox and tracing over it in the Age of Civilization while still drawing on full thickness art paper, not tracing paper. Sorry, first one is sideways in the handy file. Will have to download and edit it or pull in a bit of CSS to rotate it.

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