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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DunGen 1st pass at Save and Load

Have dungeons saving and loading using LocalStorage. Still need to get some of the edits back into the data model so they can be saved.

Approximate order of next features:

Update deletes and edits in data model.
Add edit full node (room) contents to data model and graph.
Activate Delete dungeon button.
Have some fun growing the treasure randomizer.

Further down the road:
Add a couple more basic designs to the geometry choices.
Add a multi-level dungeon "side view" generator mode to the geometry choices.
Add either textfile export and import so you can move a dungeon to another device or get started on accounts and server sync so you can move from one device to another that way.
Add in an approach to list customization so you can select room and monster sets by tags.

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