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Thursday, November 13, 2014

DunGen is starting to get good

DunGen dungeon generator

Here's a screenshot after tonight's work. I have addition of rooms and edges working now. Random pattern isn't leaving loose nodes. Rooms mention "hooks" that the DM can use as clue sources. There is a bit more to do on editing, like removing deleted nodes from the list, and adding editors that allow room descriptions to be changed, then I'll start on saving, or possibly on revamping room contents as data objects that render into strings rather than being saved as strings, to give more flexibility, before getting on to saving them. I want to avoid having saves be incompatible with later developments.

Minor refinements to do soon: the Redraw button does not change the canvas size when the window size changes and it should. Found a bit about that in the docs, but need to understand it better. Might want to play with the physics model and editing stuff to see about letting some edges be longer so their labels can be unhidden. Its probably a manual tweak. Alternatively, if I can toggle springs off and drag the nodes around to fixed locations, that would solve the issue too.

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