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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Home for the Holidays 3: Caves of the Unknown

Another run this morning in Eric Hoffman's  Keep on the Borderlands holiday mini-campaign using Labyrinth Lord basic, a pleasure as always.

This was the third expedition. I was in the first in which we fought bandits and captured a tower and orcs or hobgoblins that were in the woods pretty close to town.  The second run that I missed started to explore Eric's Caves of the Unknown, and encountered Myconids, Piercers, and a Shrieker. This time we were back to the caves and cleared out the Shrieker and quite a few Myconids and a fungally infested wizard.

I was Brother Duncan McTrews, a cleric who is stronger than he in wise, and he's been a pretty entertaining character. Graki the Dwarf and Sara the Elf were my partners in adventuring, two other Eds for players, and we had three hirelings, Morn (who we lost to the Myconids boiling out through a door), Morghild who did good execution with bow and sword, and one whose name I forget, that stayed back with the mule and a couple wardogs below the low cliff we climbed in the cave.

It got dicey but we managed to survive with the loss of just Morn, and we escaped with quite a bit of loot. Looks like Duncan might survive to 2nd, as he is over 2/3 of the way there.

Eric's trying for another run Friday but unfortunately, I'll be at work. (He's +Eric H in G+ gaming circles if you're interested in a bit of OSR action.)

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