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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barbarians of Lemuria Rocked

That went very well. It's too late to write much now, so just a short summary.

Gorgor Fellhammer, Logen the Bounty Hunter, and cold eyed Rafe Tularen  slipped past the apemen roaming the ruins of ancient Qar on the trail of a missing caravan led by Lady Delit, the Oomis heiress of the grand trading house of Zar.  Following the trail to the Temple of the Blood Cult of Zylidith, they rescued the ensorcelled caravaneers from the clutches of the duplicitous Lady Delit and her Morgal master, the Druid Sorcerer Vaasketh,  handily dispatching Vaasketh in the process after Gorgor's epic stair dive cut them off from escape.  A cursed dagger broken, prisoners freed from the dungeon beneath the temple, the caravan survivors were gathered and escorted home. The scene closes on on Gorgor's effort to convert Delit back from the enticements of the blood cult to the normality of debauchery on the seedy side of Oomis.

It's going to be a campaign.