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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Barrowmaze run 10 - Rel Draxa and the disease in Falcon's Hollow

Run 10

Deela (Keith)
Glant (Ed)
George Grayfield (Cliff)
Brother Rodger (Eric H.)
Bross (Walt not here yet)
Kevlar (Jose)
Bought rations, tried to buy or rent horses or a wagon, and headed north from Helix up the road for the city to try to get healing for our
wounded comrades.

High Seafather Rael Drocsa - cleric recommended by leader of road guards
Temple of Mananu

Travelling in the plains, mtns ahead.

Old man and a boy in a cart pass by.

Meet a foot patrol.

Nightfall, stop and camp.

Merchant caravan passes rudely, doesn't stop.

Pass a village, maybe a mile off the main road.

Camp again for the night in the woods, without incident.

Going through a hilly and wooded area, not a large forest.

Left the road to skirt around woods and stay in the plains where the visibility is long.

3pm ish, enocunter with 6 reddish scaley bulls. Kevlar sees them at a distance and we sit and wait.

Sign right to Rel Draxa, left to Dagger Rock, Y in th road.

Far to the left, the sea, rocky outcroppings in high hills.

Another uneventful night camping.

Day 4 begins, almost there.

Black cloud in the air, Elf sees it as vultures and black crows.

18 fire beetle glowing organs harvested from site of batttle between dead fire beetles and wolves.

putting them in bag of holding

Approach Rel Draxa city. It's big on an inlet of the bay.

Rolled snake eyes, don't know anything about the city.

Deela seems to know the most.

Spires from the ancient elvish Kingdom
Lighthouse, Temple, prominent buildings from the Elves.

Met some guards, got a five day pass but not for the old city district.

Centaur and Cauchemar Inn

250,000 pop

Brother Rodger gives alms in the name of Mithras and chats with a fellow cleric.

Temple Cudgel Inn

pay 15 SP for two nights in the Inn.

Dwarven nightlife around the forges to the north.

Sleep the night at the inn. Next morning go to the Temple of Mananu for healing.

Cure disease cost 3000 GP! Gulp.

We are assigned a mission of healing aid to the village of Falcon's Hollow to the East in exchange for the healing.
Beautiful priestess (Sister Tamorsan) gives us 4 Cure Disease scrolls to use in Falcon's Hollow.

Up past the halfling Shireland. We sign the papers.

Shopped for magic swords. There's a +1 sword available for 2000 GP, more than I can afford.

Bross pays 100 GP to have the black chainmail identified that he took off the skeleton in the pit.

Kevlar tries to get a deal on trading away a scroll of protection from magic for a claok of elvenkind.
He makes the deal by adding in some magic arrows.

There is a fierce spell of gusty winds early in the day.

Encountered a pack of dogs on the road.
Killed four and Br Rodger lured others away with food.

Uneventful night.

Next day dawns, we're a day out frof Falcon's Hollow.

Weather starts to turn towards rain.

We come to a ferry at the edge of Falcon's Hollow.

Arriving in tgwon, we talk to the healer and hear of Laurel the herbalist and people worried she has been poisoning them,
but it seems unlikely. We use one of the three scrolls on the magistrate.

Laurel explains the illness afflicting the town is fungal and has a recipe from her grandmother made with
three herbs that might help. The oldest tree in the forest has one part, and we might find help in finding it at the nearby lumbermen's camp. One is a dwarf delicacy, Ironbloom.
Rat's tail. - witch Ola Zamila (sp?) might know where it can be found.

Go to the lumber camp, looking for Mylin who might know the first herb's location.

Mylin gives us a map and the info we need to find things and we give him one of the last two

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  1. We're playing part 2 of the Falcon's Hollow right now, using Pathfinder. Halfling party only.