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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Point buy + 1D6 Character Creation

Here's a system I used in the 40 Cities homebrew back around '83 and a couple times later in D&D to split the difference between point buy minimaxing and random rolling. It lets you weight in favor of the stats that are important to you, without getting assurance they will excel.

For a classic six attribute 3-18 bell curve PC, assign 42 (or 45 or 48, up to maybe 50  if you are a generous GM aiming for more heroic-scaled PCs) at between 2 and 12 points in each attribute. So you are basically point buying the first two dice of each attribute. Then roll 1D6 for each attribute, in order, no swapping or rerolls, and add it to the assigned value.

I rather like where this falls on the build vs luck spectrum. I don't remember seeing it in any published games, but somebody has probably done it at some point.

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