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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ronin game two

This time we set up a village on the board, and had a Bushi force with 200 points divided into two nominal commands vs an Ikko Ikki force of two hundred points similarly split and played the official village defense scenario. Ikko Ikki played by Eric and Dave rolled defenders. Leila and I attacked with the Bushi.

We had a Hatamoto, six Samurai swordsmen and one Samurai that also had a Yumi. They had a more bows and more guys overall, but went for some high quality leaders.

The opening archery as we closed in was pretty ineffectual, only inflicting one stun. It's really hard to injure Samurai with bowfire. While our average quality was good, their mix of having more outnumbering fights going along with the two good leaders eventually told and we withdrew after around three turns of melee in which everybody eventually filtered in, and they finally turned a light wound into a grievous and then a kill, and got another grievous wound on one of our guys and we had a couple more light wounds, to I think it was two light wound and a dead peasant who was killed early on. We called it at 10 PM after the Bushi passed their first morale check but then decided to concede the game and withdraw.

It was fun but when most of the figures are skilled and in medium or heavy armor it does grind a bit as a slugfest.

 The view into the village from my end at the beginning, Eric in the background

 My small Bushi command, after the first Samurai has moved.

Eric and Dave. I think Dave was working out the pizza order in this pic.

 Dave contemplates a move in the second turn.

Leila joined in and sketched one of the figures when it wasn't her turn.

Sporting my new bearded look.

Middle of the melee battle, wounds have started to turn against the Bushi side. Both those lightly wounded Samurai eventually accumulated more wounds. The one with the lion mane helmet on the left took light + light into grievous, plus an outright killing wound since he was weakened by the grievous wound and rolled badly.

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