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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday Paint Table

This time I'll do a blog post and link it.

Worked on a mix of stuff today.
Did painting on the little Japanese building from a few weeks back,and an old Vietnam War 20mm scratchbuilt hut that I finished up today to use as a shed for Japanese villagers
Got the old half done Dixons that were proving awkward to handle on the old four man balsa sticks onto their individual fender washers, and some more bare figures were based up and primed. A few Japanese Cavalry got some base painting and a bit more here and there.

Then went off and played a game that used the new buildings.

The pic below shows the mixed basing work in progress on the dining room table.

 Scratchbuilt this building several years ago, Milliput over foamcore with some wood bits and a plastic window frame on the back side. Finally finishing up the painting.
 Painting up the little house.
First priming batch, also did another bigger one later in the day once the new glue locking down sand and basing grit dried.


  1. Hola
    Buena mesa de pintura
    Me encantan los samuráis y el trabajo que llevas con ellos
    Estaré a tentó a mas
    un saludo