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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Big Game of A Fistful of Kung Fu

Had enough stuff done to roll it out for real tonight. We had a big turnout with six of us playing, and I knew the rules better thanks to the previous trial game and the one with Zach Walter who showed me the bits I was missing the first time.

6 players x 250 points and 3 Chi each. It played well except that six people is pushing it for this system in terms of time spent waiting. We started the second turn with a rules revision to have each player on a side activate one guy at the same time to move it along a bit faster, instead of card activation. But it happened that Eric's protagonist found the secret martial arts scroll in the shepherd's tent and whisked it offboard in his first activation of the second turn, ending the game, so that option did not get a full exercise. This time it was mostly my terrain, and a mix of my collection and Eric's, some painted by John, for the figures. 

We used two rules tweaks to make bruisers worth taking at 35 base points. They got Quality 3 instead of 4 and took one more effect point than a regular Extra to knock out (2) or kill (3). 

Aaron, who won our first outing, had a terrible time this game, with his protagonist getting knocked down several times in the first turn and burning all his Chi to keep the bad results down to that degree. He reacted several times, mostly just to stand back up. 

This is a good rules set, very cinematic in feel, and I recommend it highly. Just aim for games of 2 to 4 people.


  1. So many beautiful pictures, very atmospheric...the last one is my favorite...amazing!

  2. That's a cracking set up Ed. Looks like it was great fun!

  3. Now that`s a Splendid Table Top Display for Play. BB