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Thursday, November 5, 2015

DunGen and DunMap

Hm, I seem to have broken the layout of DunGen inadvertently so the graph is overlaying everything else. Probably a CSS change for DunMap that leaked. Gotta fix that.

On the bright side, I have save and restore working in DunMap, was going back to see if the little mod I had to do in DunGen's save list handling broke anything when I found the graphical weirdness.

A bit later...
Fixed the overlay bug. Save and restore doesn't place the markers right if the window, and thus the canvas, change size. Will need to work out the right solution. Probably record the rect, and apply a transform when placing the markers again. Or need to make that canvas window size independent.

Back to the checklist (what's left now)
  1. Add a select menu of map names with stored URLs so you don't have to go hunting all the time. Considering offering to list maps by other people in a hierarchical by person's name menu, including maps by people that opt in. Use a random choice from the menu as the map at load time for variety.
  2. Change oddities and hooks to use theme tagging, so that retaining Theme is not useless with room names gone. Also good for DunGen.
  3. Maybe come up with a toggle to include room names in descriptions? They can be evocative, but will be wrong a lot when tied to a map, so may not be worth including.
  4. Thinking about save and restore- The canvas sizes are currently based on the window, but they need to be independent and recorded in a save so that at reload the points end up over the same map features. Will go to square canvases (or image based shape) with centered maps, put in a canvas resize, and record the canvas size in the and use it in the load of a saved map. Stop worrying about the key being visible.
  5. Toggle button
  6. Column widths
  7. Grow wandering monsters and relation lists as nodes are added. Check monsterlist in theme for a related bug due to not initializing with a batch of rooms.

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