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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Add Your Maps to DunMap

DunMap loads maps from the URL text field, but it also has a list in the code that populates the select menu next to the field for convenience, and a randomly selected one from the list is loaded with the web page, both by filling in that field. Currently it holds maps I drew and a couple from the British Library expired copyright images collection. If you have some maps you made posted online that you would like included in the selector, leave a comment on this post, ideally with a short title for each under about 40 characters and the URL. Or you can provide a page URL that shows maps with titles and I can copy titles and image URLs there. I will NOT download your map and store it, it is yours to host. I will add an entry to this list in the JavaScript of DunMap to link it from your site:

var imageArray= [
  ["Select a map",""],
  ["EA: Megadungeon Level 1",""],
  ["EA: Great Hall",""],
  ["EA: Shadowkarst", ""],
  ["EA: The Devil's Staircase", ""],

... etc

Please only submit maps that you have stably hosted and not likely to get stuck for exceeding bandwidth caps. I don't yet have code in place to retry if maps fail to load in.

Also tell my how you want your name and blog or source site listed in Image Credits section. I plan to prefix all titles in the menu with initials that key down to an entry in the Image Credits.

Please don't send me a link to a Pinterest or other collection of maps you found on the internet. This is opt-in by the map creators only. You can opt out again at any time and I'll remove links in the next release.

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