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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DunMap - What's Necessary?

I got node placement by clicking on the map working this morning. Next up is a control to toggle between a placing & dragging mode and a locked mode so stray clicks don't festoon the map with extra nodes.

So what is needed before I do a first release?
  1. The edit vs use toggle mentioned above.
  2. Hide the save and load controls - they don't work correctly yet, and I don't want it saving partial records I'd have to deal with.
  3. Remove the button for dungeon size, since generating out of place nodes that you have to drag is more work for the user than just clicking in the right places.
  4. Move and rename the load button next to the input box for the URL. 
  5. Add a map to load at start so it doesn't initialize to a blank screen.
  6. Add a bit of explanatory How To text.
  7. Set defaults on node shape, size and color that are better for maps.
  8. Table column widths, since the labels are narrower when just numbers.
  9. A link to DunMap from DunGen.
  10. SetBaseMonsters and monsterSourceList need redefinition when no rooms are being initialized at start.
  11. I'm probably forgetting something....

Shortly after initial release:
  1. Record the node position in the data object for each node, prep for making save work again. And update at every move.
  2. Record the current map URL in the data object for the graph. More prep for save and restore.
  3. Change save and restore to use namespaced LocalStorage objects, probably prefix the dungeon name with DM-, so they can be recognized relative to any other LocalStorage objects available on the page and only actual dungeon listings go into the select box. Show the save/load controls again.
  4. Add a select menu of map names with stored URLs so you don't have to go hunting all the time.
  5. Change oddities and hooks to use theme tagging, so that retaining Theme is not useless with room names gone. Also good for DunGen.
  6. Maybe come up with a toggle to include room names in descriptions? They can be evocative, but will be wrong a lot when tied to a map, so may not be worth including.
  7. Thinking about save and restore- The canvas sizes are currently based on the window, but they need to be independent and recorded in a save so that at reload the points end up over the same map features.

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