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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DunMap WIP trial release

Got a lot in tonight. There is enough there to be buggy fun to play with.  You can lay in nodes on top of the map without raising exceptions. The map even scales to fit.

Re-evaluating the checklist.
  1. The edit vs use toggle mentioned above. (Naw, it can wait a bit)
  2. Hide the save and load controls - they don't work correctly yet, and I don't want it saving partial records I'd have to deal with.
  3. Remove the button for dungeon size, since generating out of place nodes that you have to drag is more work for the user than just clicking in the right places.
  4. Move and rename the load button next to the input box for the URL. 
  5. Add a map to load at start so it doesn't initialize to a blank screen.
  6. Add a bit of explanatory How To text.
  7. Set defaults on node shape, size and color that are better for maps.
  8. Table column widths, since the labels are narrower when just numbers. (it can wait a bit)
  9. A link to DunMap from DunGen.  (it can wait a bit)
  10. SetBaseMonsters and monsterSourceList need redefinition when no rooms are being initialized at start.  (Moved the calls around a bit, working now).
Good enough, I'm uploading now.

 Save map image with numbers applied by screenshot and copy out the text in the table if you want to keep anything, like in the early days of DunGen.

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