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Monday, September 27, 2010

Rails stack

I had a good weekend. Got in about a day's worth of hacking scattered among the bike rides, walk downtown, library, laundry, grocery run, attempt to fix Wii, exercise, reading, etc. Stood up the beginning of a fresh Rails stack to build a Rails 3 project with rvm, Ruby 1.9.2, MongoDB, MongoMapper, Devise, Rspec & Cucumber. We use Ruby 1.8.7, svn, mysql, test-unit and Rails 2.3.x at work, so its a stretch in all directions. Even tried refreshing my rusty and never very fluent vim skills by doing all my editing with vim. I'm really enjoying Bundler and looking forward with playing more with the rest.

One possibly useful tidbit for a few days: cucumber-rails from Aslak Hellesoy's github repo as of 9/26/10 wanted version 0.2.2 of aruba, but the aruba there is 0.2.1 which had me stuck for a bit. I got my Gemfile to bundle install with cucumber by downloading cucumber-rails from the repo and bumping back the aruba dependency to 0.2.1 in the gemspec, pointing the Gemfile to the local copy with 'gem "cucumber-rails", :path => "/path/to/the/local/cucumber-rails" and crossing my fingers. The first feature is working, and a couple of feature files of todos are properly yellow, so it is at least superficially not 'sploding on me.

The project? To begin with, an RPG character sheets DB targeting my iPad as a gaming accessory. I figure on doing Barbarians of Lemuria, diaspora, and Savage Worlds. This is the "Silly project" that I sat on for awhile getting started for real.

When there is something worth looking at, I expect to put it up on Github. Not sure where I'll serve it from, probably Heroku if they're ready for 1.9.2/Rails3/Mongo by the time I'm ready to deploy.