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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rolling up some Empire of the Petal Throne characters

So, in the interest of shaking off the rust and locking in what I've been re-reading, I'm going to make a few characters for use as NPCs or Flailsnails or whatever.

Starting off with a run through Brett Slocum's Tekumel Word and Name generator we get a list of names:

Qalunurr hiChum
Ulgu hiZishalengha
Mu’arrin hiTurmork
Chi hiTsoru’or
Mritlonu’u hiFres
Ganti hiZanomun
Dorik hiAkaliyalalu
Zaggaya hiSrin

The first three will be level 1 characters of the three classes, the simplest thing  possible with mechanics. Stats in EPT are percentile rolls.

Qalunurr hiChum
STR 63
INT 24
CON 30
PSY 15
DEX 02
COM 30

Well, that's an inauspicious beginning. A fighter, but one to cull or use as a mook NPC.

Ulgu hiZishalengha
STR 89
INT 58
CON 91
PSY 67
DEX 95
COM 58

Ulgu is a character with possibilities. Probably a fighter or mage. 

Mu’arrin hiTurmork
STR 86
INT 47
CON 42
PSY 49
DEX 01
COM 41

Well, at least he's strong. But another abysmal DEX. Something in the water...

I think I'll roll a couple more before fleshing out one in each class.

Chi hiTsoru’or
STR 51
INT 42
CON 20
PSY 39
DEX 22 
COM 77
Another mediocrity, but handsome or pretty this time.

Mritlonu’u hiFres
STR 76
INT 32
CON 38
PSY 21
DEX 74
COM 22
263 Total

Below average overall but with a couple of good stats, Mritlonu is a keeper in this sad company.

Ganti hiZanomun
STR 35
INT 57
CON 09
PSY 02
DEX 12
COM 19

It may be time to execute my tens die pour encourager les autres.

Dorik hiAkaliyalalu
STR 07
INT 19
CON 21
PSY 96
DEX 02  Again the feeblest DEX!!! Aaggh...
COM 49
Doesn't even break 200 pt. Ouch.

So let's flesh out the best of the lot:

Ulgu hiZishalengha 
STR 89 Powerful (+1 to hit and damage)
INT 58 Average
CON 91 Very Healthy (+1 to hit and damage dice)
PSY 67 Somewhat Psychic (+5% chance to spells working, can use all spell levels)
DEX 95 Dextrous (+1 to hit and damage dice)
COM 58 Goodlooking

So, are bonuses to hit dice to the roll for hit points or to hit bonuses or both, since they appear on multiple stats? As far as I can tell, it's to hit, even for CON, but I'd probably house rule it as a per hit die bonus in CON, instead of to hit. He's at +3 to hit, +3 damage, or +2 to hit, +3 damage, +1 per hit die under the house rule. He will make a formidable Warrior.

Original Skills: 57, so one group I and one group II.
Tanner and Smith-Armourer - He built up his physique in the smithy.
Professional Skills: 72 - 4 among the first 5.
Spearman, Axeman, Swordsman, Slinger

This table has some oddities to it, since the range from which you can pick means that no one can be an archer at 1st level, and even crossbowmen are very rare. When levelling up, you have to fill in the unchosen ones, so there is little variety among characters of the same class after a couple levels except in the overall progression from the initial roll. I'd houserule this a bit to allow for more variety. Given the descriptions, I'd say sapper and catapult artilleryman skills make you capable to organize and lead these two areas, and not be required for basic squad members in these activities.

[Edit] Using my variant from the next post: Skirmisher(Bow), Levy, Missiles(Bow, Sling), Legionary

Hit points: rolled a 3 so 4 (or 5 by house rule on CON)

Money - 95 Kaitars
Spending that for gear:
sword 10
javelin 4
leather armor 30
helmet 13
shield 10
backpack 5
waterskin 1
rope 3
10 torches 2
flint & steel & tinder 3
sling 3
20 lead pellets 1
remainder for food 1 week underworld 10

Fleshing out a Mage:
Dorik hiAkaliyalalu, Level 1 Mage
STR 07 Weak -1 To Hit
INT 19 Stupid, -1 To Hit, -1 Damage
CON 21 Puny, -1 To Hit,. 40% Revive, 20% Magic heals fail
PSY 96 Highly Psychic +15% spell working
DEX 02  All Thumbs, -1 To Hit, -1 Damage
COM 49
With -4 to Hit and -2 to Damage or -1HP/die, -3 to Hit and -2 Damage, Dorik had better avoid combat and really focus on magic.
45% chance of spell failure.
HP 6, or 5 if CON house ruled
Original Skills: 81, 2 Group I, 2 Group II, 1 Group 3
Glass blower, Paper-ink maker, scribe-accountant, bird-trainer, alchemist
Profession skills: 01, Choose 2 of first 3. Control of Self, Illusion

99 Kaitars, of course his best roll would come here... x-(
Fresh garments 30
Warm cloak 15
pole 1
small sack 1
5 flasks of oil 5
Flint and steel 3
lantern, 5
Cage with 2 homing birds 10 (price guesstimated)
Charting paper and pen 3
waterskin 1
Dagger 5
Rations, outdoor- 15
Has some money left.

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  1. For player characters, you need to use the house rule of spending 50 points among attributes that are below 50 (optional: and bring up to no more than 50).