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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Starting PC Background Charts

This little set of charts was my attempt at fleshing out starting characters with a bit more background. Transcribing later, for now the scan. The number or range with an M was number of initial magic items, from potions up to +1 weapons, for the richer sort. Looks like I intended male-favored primogeniture from the birth order table and generating details of the father, but not the mother, but didn't think about what to do with a roll of 1 on a female character. Not that it came up. I don't think we had a girl playing until Metamorphosis Alpha. Sigh...
I also note a little second roll indicated on father's class to pick subclasses. And yes, that's paladin and anti-paladin. Like so many others, I wrote up an anti-paladin class, though I don't know if I ever actually used it for any characters. Maybe a couple NPCs.

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