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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Somebody Make this Monster

 This is a Boarcroc.

That's not my name for it, it is the scientific common name for Kaprosuchus saharicus, a recently (2009) discovered crocodilian found in the Sahara, one of five species that hit the news from the same research team together. 100 million years ago, there were a lot more species in the crocodilians. And this one is maybe the most fun among them for it's gaming potential. Though there is something to be said for the Supercroc as well.

The boarcroc is one of the scariest animals ever, and right up there with Mantis Shrimp* as an underused real world creature to D&D monster.

The boarcroc a twenty foot long, galloping crocodile that hunted dinosaurs. I love the ferocity of this picture.  I've seen it on a number of websites (Artist- Todd Marshall according to Paleoillustration).
 Some of the other sources show shorter hind legs. But this is the best picture for gaming inspiration.

It totally deserves to be in games and have a miniature as cool as this picture.

* The Mantis Shrimp or stomatopod is wildly colorful and at a few inches long. The hammer armed species hit like a .22, and they are known for breaking aquarium glass. There are spearing species that strike just as fast. In game terms, they can see behind them with their stalked eyes and probably see invisible since they see UV as well as visible light with their very complex eyes. What's not to love with scaling up that critter? I put them into my D&D game back in the 70s when I first read about them in Scientific American. Giant ones turned up in Pathfinder or D&D 4th recently, which is the first published appearance I know of.

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