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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Smuggler's Docks 5: Beginning to plan a tabletop layout

Both Cutlass and Empire of the Dead expect a 4' by 4' standard tabletop. I can go with that and have part of it be water, or go a bit longer, maybe 4' by 5' or 4' by 6' so that with part as water, the playable land area is about 4' by 4'.

The first might look something like this crappy Paint pic:

I'll have to play around a bit with layouts until one feels right. It will probably take arranging pieces of scenery on the tabletop and not just map sketching.

Looking it back over after a few days, that central group of three buildings would need to come out to make some open space, maybe just have some crate piles there to break up the open area with some cover. 

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