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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A GM notebook project

These are notes on a project I am considering doing, thinking out loud as it were.  Feel free to chime in with comments.

Way back in the 80s I ran my D&D campaign for awhile largely on a set of HyperCard stacks that I developed. The core of it was maps, sometimes tiled across multiple cards, with locations linked to a key database, usually with a snippet of a dungeon map showing the room and the page of text about its description. The world map was a big, linked set of cards that had links at marked locations that drilled down into dungeon maps, castle maps, and city maps, plus a panel of various DM aid buttons that went to stacks for character sheets, die rollers, sound effects players, treasure and overland encounter generators, etc.

Out of all of that the part I'd like to rebuild now out of HTML and Javascript is a convenient way to upload a map file, find it again, and cover it with an image map where I make rects or polygons that bring up an editable popup location key. It has to be really convenient or I won't bother using it.  All the pieces exist to one degree or another elsewhere. It ought to be convenient both at a computer or on a tablet, and be minimalist and focused. There should be two kinds of links, key popups and links to other maps, along with some sort of tree structured navigation map index. It's worth considering whether having a view on all the key entries separately is enough of a good thing to implement. I might do without it.  But it might make importing maps easier if a text file could be uploaded with a key along with the map, and parts of it matched up with locations on the map.

Coffeetime is over, gotta go, later....

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